Some Rare Good News from Canada

Tom Finnerty29 Oct, 2023 2 Min Read
First the bad news: he's still PM.

Things just keep getting worse for Justin Trudeau. His party has been cratering in opinion polling for months now, to the point that they're slowly being overtaken by the third place New Democratic Party:

Meanwhile, as the above indicates, the Conservative Party of Canada is on the rise, with current polling suggesting that it would easily win a majority if the election were held today. This isn't at all surprising, of course, since the Conservatives have won the popular vote in the past two elections, with the Liberals depending on the support of the far-left NDP to remain in power for the past few years.

At the heart of it all is that Canadians are just sick of Trudeau. They recognize that his authoritarian streak -- seen most clearly during Covid and the trucker protest, but more recently in his plan to combat "disinformation" by forcing podcasters to register with the government -- coupled with his various scandals have made Canada a laughing stock on the world stage.

At the same time, opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, who was seen at the time of his selection as too right-wing to lead the Conservative Party, has been steadily winning over the country, while refusing to compromise on principle, something the last CPC leader did constantly.

Clips like this one have gone viral, and increasingly Canadians are seeing Poilievre as a breath of fresh air.

And now the Supreme Court of Canada -- a body which is not exactly known for its devotion to legal principles or conservative arguments -- has dealt Trudeau another serious blow. In a 5-2 ruling, the Court found that his cherished Bill C-69 -- nicknamed the "No More Pipelines" Act -- to be, at least in part, unconstitutional. The bill, which passed in 2019, increased the jurisdiction of Federal regulators over infrastructure projects, and mandated that public consultations on potential new projects take into consideration their potential impact on a variety of leftist obsessions, including "climate change" and gender equality.

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Richard Wagner held that parts of the act are overbroad and interfere with provincial jurisdiction. Said Wagner, "In my view, Parliament has plainly overstepped its constitutional competence in enacting this designated projects scheme."

Now, unless something changes (for instance, if the NDP decides to stop propping up the Liberals), Trudeau doesn't have to face the electorate for another two years. That's a lifetime in politics. We might see several reversals of fortune in that time. But a court as favorable to Trudeau's policies tearing apart one of his signature pieces of legislation is a bad sign for his electoral prospects. At the moment it's looking like his goose is cooked.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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  1. Don't underestimate the ignorance of Canada's voters, it is entirely possible that we elect our eighth Trudeau government. Of course if Hamas enters the race, it would definitely do well. Yes Canada is that sick.

  2. Canada needs a far better PM then this fool leading them into ruin maybe someone who isn't a lacky for the UN,CFR Globalists

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