'Climate Catastrophe' Makes Money for Some

Joan Sammon20 Dec, 2023 4 Min Read
What's cookin', good-lookin'?

From recent calls for Canadian elementary schools to integrate a "climate catastrophe" curriculum across Canada, to John Kerry confirming that he is becoming more militant about "climate change" whilst speaking at a climate conference in Dubai, to which he flew on his private jet-- to climate activists disrupting a Chemical Marketing and Economics (CME) luncheon in New York honoring Exxon CEO, Darren Woods with chants of “Exxon lies and people die” – the "climate catastrophe" narrative remains an emotional reminder of the disconnect between ruse and reality. Steeped in hypocrisy and unhinged from reality, the "catastrophe" narrative depends upon its purveyors' willingness to manipulate, obfuscate, and ignore reality in an attempt to influence and coerce civil societies into living as the climate hypocrites desire — all while ignoring flagrant and intentional climate destruction manifest by Communist China and other grand polluters.

The Biden administration is no different. Its catastrophe narrative is an essential component in its effort to circumvent Congress and foist regulatory edicts upon the U.S. oil and gas industry. It is an unequivocal threat to the economic lives that Americans have worked hard to create. Fostered by the U.S. oil and gas sector, inexpensive, abundant, domestically produced oil and gas underpin every robust economic cycle in the country’s modern history. But so important is control to Washington, it is willing to sign disingenuous agreements with China in lieu of developing an international framework that compels China to improve its disastrous environmental record.

A dumb idea whose time has passed.

Consider the U.S. State Department’s recent announcement of the APEC agreement, in which China and the U.S. pinky-promised to "accelerate the substitution for coal, oil and gas generation" with green energy sources such as wind and solar power. But these are industries whose China-controlled supply chains use slave laborers, while in America some 86 off-shore and on-shore wind projects recently have been canceled for lack of economic feasibility.

As well, the two nations further agreed to "deepen policy exchanges" across their respective economies regarding carbon emissions in various sectors, including power, industry, buildings and transportation. They even agreed to advance five large-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage projects by the end of the decade. Carbon-capture is a relatively new and costly technology designed to secure power plant emissions before emission enter the atmosphere. The technology has yet to be deployed at any power plant nationwide and is likely to be personally lucrative for the activists and diplomats sitting around the table conjuring up the purported environmental solutions instantly proposed after global "climate events." China, in the meantime has no intention of ceasing its use of coal.

Among the highlights from the recent APEC event attended by the Biden administration and Xi was this gem: "[the conference] builds on APEC’s Bangkok Goals on the Bio-Circular-Green Economy, which established the goal of progressing sustainable and inclusive economic policies while ensuring they also address environmental challenges.” Such rubbish underscores the diplomatic self-indulgence so typical of this administration. China’s Xi, a cunning and dangerous enemy, is happy to enable the administration in its delusion. Meanwhile, with no one looking out for Americans, the U.S. oil and gas industry needs to be promoting its value and leadership directly to U.S. consumers, as a shield against China’s aggression. It’s the kind of economic cooperation that matters to Americans and will move the nation toward productivity and security.

Renowned for an endless list of violations of a civil society, China has been documented using human slaves in its green energy supply chains and mining sectors, and for forced sterilization of Muslim minorities used as the laborers. It flouts every environmental standard by which U.S. companies operate-- and continues to steal intellectual property. China sent spy balloons over America and built multiple illegal bio-labs inside the U.S. where deadly pathogens, including Ebola, were recklessly stored. Perhaps most unforgettably, it was China that used a weaponized virus, one of a purported remaining twenty-nine that constitute the PLA’s larger bio-weapons program, to shut down the entire global economy via the Covid hoax in 2020, to advance its own geo-political objective: global dominance by 2035.

Inside men.

Failing to confront Xi about the economic impacts of such tactics reveals a dangerous degree of recklessness on the part of President Biden. Such self-interest serves to embolden America’s most strident enemy and actually threatens U.S. superiority. So why would the administration choose to ignore such flagrant violations of so many economic and environmental standards? Could it be that it's not actually interested in economic and environmental cooperation as much as in furthering a "climate catastrophe" narrative by which to transfer billions of taxpayer dollars into the "green energy" sector?

As one thumbs through the gibberish released at the conclusion of these proliferating multi-day climate events, it begins to look like "economic and environmental cooperation" really isn’t among nations, but more likely between individuals and the companies from which they financially benefit. A word salad of diplomatic vernacular that fills pages but communicates nothing seems to benefit only "green energy" friends of various governments around the world. 

Joan Sammon is the founder of a boutique oil and gas advisory firm that develops strategies for an array of business & market challenges. As an ESG expert she explains the threat of ESG to her corporate clients.


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