A 'Green' Constitutional Solution

David Cavena21 Apr, 2024 3 Min Read
The Mouse Trap,

"Climate change," as we've argued time and time again, is the greatest hoax ever visited upon humanity. It is functionally a monetary redistribution program, whereby wealth is taken from the middle and working classes and passed along to the already rich. Thus, it isn't surprising that so few of leaders of the various countries most engaged in the scheme seem to believe in it. Nor should they. But that isn’t making it go away.

Regarding the wealth transfer that is at the heart of the hoax mentioned above, it isn't just Solyndra. As our infrastructure is crumbling, our tax dollars are being siphoned off on bogus programs which are, in fact, an assault on the natural world, from the rain forest, and migratory birds and bats, to mammalian endothelial cells.

We are funding our own destruction. As economist Stephen Moore explains, "Green energy subsidies — mostly created by Biden policies like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act — will drain the Treasury of as much as $1.8 trillion over 10 years."

On what are these trillions spent?

Under the Paris Accords, trillions have been spent and trillions are programmed to be spent to achieve a reduction in the increase of global temperatures of between 0.013 degrees C and 0.017 degrees C by 2100. Trillions of dollars per thousandths of a degree.

All of the bloviating about companies paying “their fair share” of taxes is "the biggest corporate welfare scam of all time," as these “green” companies are tax takers, not taxpayers. Moore again:

Meanwhile, Biden keeps railing against companies that pay no income tax. He’s advocated a mandatory 15% minimum corporate tax. But guess what industry is explicitly exempt from the minimum? The green energy lobby.

Just another example of the wealth transfer in practice.

Now, our work here poking holes in the green narrative -- for instance, pointing to the farmers and nutritionists noting that their livelihoods, and our nutrition requirements cannot be met by “green” diets devoid of animal protein -- is necessary, but not sufficient for resisting this swindle. We need elected officials to recognize it for what it is and refuse to go along.


Governors, who in our Constitutional union of sovereign states are theoretically executive superiors to the president in all but the very few and limited enumerated powers, have the ability – and duty – to resist this green nonsense invading their states like mold. But money talks, especially that with strings attached.

It is past time for them and their state legislators to stand up and say "no more!" Perhaps they should refuse construction permits for windmills and solar arrays destroying animals and habitats. Or require financial institutions operating within their states to prohibit the purchase of construction materials – and gasoline and diesel fuel to transport supplies and workers – by the federal contractors building these monstrosities via the same tactic of merchandise codes being proposed to limit the sale of guns and ammunition, expanding them to corporate purchase orders. Or deny permits for the roads and water usage required to build this destructive infrastructure. Or send state Fish & Game officials after those destroying fish and game with their habitat-and-wildlife-degrading construction. Or stop issuing kill permits for eagles that are protected for a reason.

Any or all of these proposals would be a good place to start. America is a constitutional republic with a federal government of limited powers. Last I checked, destroying the planet to save it is not among them. We the people -- elected officials and the electorate they serve -- can and must put an end to the madness.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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One comment on “A 'Green' Constitutional Solution”

  1. This is absolutely spot-on!
    The "green" energy movement is a wealth transfer mechanism, and a brilliant one at that. How can you not be in favor of "saving the planet" from that nasty carbon dioxide? Should you be in favor of polluting air and earth with petroleum-based products, you dirty human? Give us more of your money, limit your lifestyle to what we deem is appropriate, and shut up about it. Or, it's off to the gulag for you. History repeating.
    We're thankfully seeing some pushback in the form of wind farm permit cancellations, but we have a long way to go before the money spigot it turned off fully.

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