Happy Birthday to Us, Not to Lenin

Michael Walsh05 Feb, 2024 5 Min Read
But tomorrow belongs to him unless we stop them.

Four years ago, we launched this website in the interests of confronting the consistent misrepresentations of the energy industry by a small but powerful coterie of anti-civilizational cultural Marxists. They go by many anodyne names, most notably "environmentalists," but as their behavior since the first "Earth Day" on April 22, 1970 -- Lenin's birthday, by sheer happenstance! -- has demonstrated, their real purpose is not "saving the planet" but instituting a global rollback of Western civilization, its attainments, and its creature comforts. Worming their way into government, charities, and private enterprise, and by dint of repeated media pounding, they have managed to upend our traditional notions of society in the service of their neo-Communist ideals.

The hell with them, we say. 

A much-needed hole in the head.

Earth Day was the useful-idiot brainchild of Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who proclaimed it in order to force environmentalism onto official Washington's desk. President Nixon dutifully followed along, creating the Environmental Protection Agency later that year. Its early supporters were acting under the influence of a notorious crank, Rachel Carson, whose wholly unwarranted campaign against DDT has condemned millions to death. Among them was the malevolent Ira Einhorn, one of the participants at the first Earth Day celebration in Philadelphia who later murdered and composted his girlfriend, Holly Maddux -- an early adopter of recycling: 

It wasn't until 18 months later that investigators searched Einhorn's apartment after one of his neighbors complained that a reddish-brown, foul-smelling liquid was leaking from the ceiling directly below Einhorn's bedroom closet. Inside the closet, police found Maddux's beaten and partially mummified body stuffed into a trunk that had also been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers. Although Einhorn was only the master of ceremonies at the first Earth Day event, he maintains that Earth Day was his idea and that he's responsible for launching it. Understandably, Earth Day's organizers have distanced themselves from his name...

In other words, "environmentalism" was from the start a marginal movement of purists, predators, and psychopaths. In the fifty-plus years since they unleashed their crackpot campaign to "save the earth" (as if puny mortals had to the power to do so), they might have succeeded in clearing the skies above Los Angeles and partially detoxifying the Hudson River -- their two principal cities -- but at what cost? The slightest puff of smoke from a chimney (not to mention a cigarette) throws them into paroxysms of fear and rage, a herd of cows gives them conniption fits, and even the thought of your exhaling drives some of them mad, even though the CO2 we breathe out adds net-zero to the ecosphere.  They are in fact triggered by any sign of life or human activity, and the net-zero carbon future they so devoutly pray to the winged hermaphrodite Baphomet for would in practice mean that we're all dead

Lord of the suicide cult.

In short, extreme "environmentalism" is an instigated, de facto suicide cult. Indeed, it's not really "environmentalism" at all, but a neo-totalitarian nihilist movement that deals with opposition in the same way all Leftist movements do: by banning it, outlawing it, demonizing it, proscribing it, destroying it. Like Dracula suddenly confronted with a crucifix, Leftists froth and foam at the slightest challenge to their claim to be on "the right side of history," as if history had a side, and they promote "climate alarmism" with the zeal of an End Times evangelist.

So let me blunt: there is no "climate catastrophe," full stop.

From this beginning, we have gradually expanded our purview to include the Covid Hoax, all its attendant loss of freedom, and the naked fist of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party state slamming into the body politic. This astounding bit of medical effrontery -- essentially, replacing the seasonal flu with a one-year-only junior version of the Black Death -- brought forth the foolish and dangerous vaccines, untested lab experiments on people all over the world, that have since killed untold numbers via their deadly side effects.

However many lives they "saved," it wasn't worth it.

Perhaps even worse, these Mengele-like predations were mandated in many walks of life and geographic regions, resulting in the brutal arrest of innocent Americans walking down the street or surfing near the beach or trying to attend church. Illegally, the rogue Canadian government under the increasingly fey Justin Trudeau used every weapon it its arsenal -- including invoking the Emergencies Act -- to put down the resultant truckers' revolt in 2022. In other countries, such as neo-nazi New Zealand under the monstrous Jacinda Ardern and the thoroughly nasty Australian state of Victoria, things were even worse.

We've continued to chronicle the brutal assaults on standards and excellence embodied in the ridiculous but dangerous DEI movement, which has gripped the topmost rungs of the Ivy League in a futile attempt to wish away -- or eliminate by fiat -- well-documented disparities in academic performance among various ethnic groups, a project that's now expanded into the business world. Would you want to fly DEI Airlines? Get operated on by a DEI doctor? But standards and excellence are now viewed as tools of a) whiteness, b) the patriarchy, c) capitalism, and d) all of the above -- and so they must go.

Lately, we've focused much of our fire on the electric-car racket, the latest manifestation of the unholy alliance between the federal government and big business whose immediate antecedent is Fascist Italy under Mussolini. The arguments upon which various state and federal mandates regarding the elimination of the internal-combustion engine have been consistently debunked in these pages and perhaps we flatter ourselves in thinking our coverage has had some small role to play in taking the bloom off the EV rose. What worked for Tesla, a highly successful niche manufacturer, simply won't work for Ford or GM or Stellantis, whatever that is. 

Going down... or going back up?

In the end, all these things are related. In Joe Biden, the Left found its perfect candidate -- a shuffling, shambling, lifelong hack who's callously been dining out on the deaths of various family members for more than half a century, and one who's wholly animated by greed, meanness and revenge -- and maneuvered him into the White House, where his lifelong animus against a nation that had previously spurned him on several occasions can be freely indulged: those who denied the political genius of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., are now suffering his demented wrath. 

Remember: it's never about the issue (climate, Covid, whatever). It's always about the Revolution.

So please continue to support us by the simple expedient of clicking on and sharing our articles. Each day, without charge, we publish a new piece by one of our talented roster of writers (click on "Contributors" on our home page for a list); we also boast the noted caricaturist Roman Genn, who skewers the the culture's villains twice monthly in our "Enemies of the People" series of cartoons. In addition to our daily work, we have started what we envision as a series of Against books, the first one being Against the Great Reset, the paperback edition of which comes out on May 14 with a new cover by the great editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez.

Meanwhile, in September, Bombardier Books will release the second volume in the series, Against the Corporate Media: 42 Ways the Press Hates You. If you think you despise the corrupt, dying mainstream media now, wait 'til you see the hiding it gets from such writers as Lance Morrow, Andrew Klavan, Peter Berkowitz, Charlie Kirk, Jon Gabriel, Mark Hemingway and many others. 

Thanks to all. We look forward to celebrating our fifth birthday with you same time next year.

Michael Walsh is a journalist, author, and screenwriter. He was for 16 years the music critic and a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine. His works include the novels As Time Goes By, And All the Saints, and the bestselling “Devlin” series of NSA thrillers; as well as the nonfiction bestseller, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace and its sequel, The Fiery Angel. Last Stands, a study of military history from the Greeks to the present, was published by St. Martin's Press in December 2019. He is also the editor of Against the Great Reset: 18 Theses Contra the New World Order, published on Oct. 18, 2022, and of the forthcoming Against the Corporate Media. Follow him on Twitter: @theAmanuensis


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  1. In general, we celebrate events (Christmas, Independence Day, Easter) and people (Christmas, veterans, those fallen in combat, MLK (ugh)).

    Celebrating anything so mundane as a planet -- that was here long before any of us were and will continue to exist long after we've nuked or gain-of-functioned ourselves out of existence -- is just silly.

    "Earth Day" is stupid, and it always reminds me of the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, the chief plot of which (to the extent there was any) was Chewbacca's efforts to reach his home planet to celebrate "Life Day." What insipid, banal idiocy.

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