The Wu Flu: Even Better than the Green New Deal

Lisa Schiffren18 Apr, 2020 3 Min Read
A tree grows in Greenwich Village

While everyone else is miserable right now, the International "climate change" community is delirious with joy. They have won. On pretty much every action item, and a few they want but won’t admit to (such as population reduction), they’ve seen the entire world surrender to their agenda. Since February 1, every environmental dream of Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their Green New Deal collaborators has been realized.

And all it took was a little bio-engineered bat virus! Thank you, Wuhan!

In the West, we’ve learned that politicians playing on fear of imminent death beats fear of the planet burning up in the unspecified future, when it comes to taking unpopular action. Just look how successful this pandemic has been:

  • Here in the energy-gluttonous United States, Americans have given up driving. So much less that several car insurance companies have announced 20 percent refunds on monthly premiums. Ironically, this occurred while gas prices are at a 25-year low. The gods of climate change are keeping Americans from benefiting from cheap oil.
  • The entire westernized world has abandoned commuting to work. Of course, many people have been forced to abandon work itself, which might be a problem when they need money. But so far only 24 million Americans have filed for unemployment, which is money, so no real harm. And the government is sending checks to everyone. As for a lot of those now-closed small businesses… well, that’s just sad.
  • U.S. truckers are still working, despite attempts by some governors to shut down interstate gas stations and restaurants. It seems you have to keep “supply chains” working, or things people need don’t get to stores.
  • A few of the more enlightened U.S. governors have helped by redefining what constitutes a necessity. Arguably, people only “need” food, toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectants, and maybe a few products that you can’t really rope off in Costco or Target. TVs remain available because a captive population needs brain deadening entertainment. Closing all commerce was beyond the hopes of anyone who formulated the Green New Deal; telling people to do without everything that they can’t get from Amazon  -- who ever thought the U.S. would go for that?
  • Of course liquor stores remain open, as do newly legal weed stores, to keep things under control. Fentanyl-laced heroin is being sold in the usual places, as cops back off crime and focus on arresting citizens out walking, swimming, or rowing; families playing ball; and church goers.
  • The airlines have largely shut down, since no one can travel. That’s a win! There is a little problem with mass transportation in New York, where the brilliant mayor has cut subway trains, so those still running are more crowded, and this virus thing is spreading among subway users. Still, mass transit and densely packed cities make so much more sense!
  • Industrial farming is down, as meatpacking plants have begun closing due to worker illness. That might be a problem for the food supply chain, and those people who depend on food. But it’s a real win for the cows and pigs!
  • With humans locked in their homes, living via virtual reality (didn’t anyone see The Matrix?), Mother Earth is beginning to heal. According to major sources, or maybe just pictures on Facebook and Twitter, dolphins have returned to the canals of Venice, which have turned crystalline blue, instead of the usual muddy, dirty water. Those pictures may actually come from Sicily, where the Mediterranean is blue, and there really are dolphins. But it could happen. And who hasn’t seen the pictures of coyotes on the streets of San Francisco! It will be great when mountain lions and bears are out in LA and Seattle!

In China, where this wonderful movement started, there were a few downsides. Ugly rumors that cats and dogs conveyed the virus led to people tossing pets out of high-rise windows, (perhaps a better fate than being skinned alive and roasted at a wet market). Livestock died in barns and fields when people were forbidden to feed them. And some people died too…but the Chinese government says not too many. And you don’t hear a lot of complaints.

Still, with industry down across China, pollution levels have receded radically. Less shopping means less garbage. Imagine how clear American skies will be when American industry is finally completely shut down! What's that you say? Most American industry was shut down over and moved to China? Well now it’s all gone! Yay.

On the other hand, maybe there is a reason we haven't heard from the climate control activists as the lockdowns, impoverishment, and deaths proceed. It should now be entirely clear that the Green New Deal will have effects on quality of life, longevity, general prosperity, and the flourishing of humanity that is not so different from the death-dealing economic weapon called Covid 19. This sad rehearsal is our warning to smother those policies in their cradle, or see our planet impoverished in the name of saving it.

Lisa Schiffren has been an editorial writer, political reporter, war correspondent, (Afghanistan during the Soviet war, before there were roads), and GOP speechwriter. She wrote speeches for Vice President Dan Quayle, and worked in Counterterrorism/Special Operations policy at the Department of Defense. She writes these days from her native New York City.


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