The EV 'Transition': Failure by Design

David Cavena01 Jun, 2024 2 Min Read
Enjoy the ride.

It is baffling that so many people insist on interpreting the various environmentalist moves by the Biden administration and the climate cultists in its orbit as "mistakes" or "blunders" when they are so obviously intentional actions with desired results.

It's almost as though people think those who have drained our strategic petroleum reserves; lost our wars and destroyed our military, deconstructed our K-12 educational system, not to mention our universities; aggressively promoted pro-crime policies which have made the streets of so many of our cities unsafe; and driven America's fertility far below replacement while importing millions of illegal immigrants few of whom have hope of bringing value to our economy, but who are incredibly likely to keep voting for them -- whether or not they succeed in granting them citizenship -- have done all of these things by accident.

"Suddenly" recognizing that our strategic opponent, China, has a lock on the elements and minerals required for the completely unnecessary and undesired "transition" to battery cars and pre-20th-century energy generation, the administration pretends to be concerned that this upending of civilization might be slowed or stalled because we can't get the materials to build the things nobody wants, but which are "required" to solve a "problem" that doesn't exist.

And yet some people persist in thinking that  these actions are "mistakes" made by "incompetent" people. If the Climate Cult were truly incompetent, they wouldn't be so wildly successful at kneecapping our country. Nor would we be presenting evidence every day of the damage it is doing to all living things and the planet they pretend to care about, to so little effect.

As we have oft-documented here at The Pipeline, no one wants a battery-powered car, no one wants to build them, dealers can't sell them off their lots, the government must pay virtue-signalers to buy them, their extreme weight increases accident fatalities, destroys our roads. and increases particulate matter in he air (from disintegrating roads and brake pads). Meanwhile EV drivers don't pay the gasoline taxes which fund road maintenance and repairs.

But some governors and our (in)famous Secretary of Transportation insist we buy these ridiculous contraptions that don't even work in half the country half the year, and for which, after spending over seven billion dollars, we have fewer than a dozen of the "promised" 500,000 charging stations. Why, it's almost as though the government doesn't want us to drive them!

Correct: They don't particularly care whether we drive any car at all! They haven't screwed up. Their actions are not "mistakes." The ultimate goal of the globalists is to force (they might say "guide") us all away from our single-family suburban homes, or our larger country places, into tiny apartments in an urban core next to a mass transit station within our 15-minute feedlot. They are allergic to the American dream, which is built upon a robust understanding of private property and ownership.

A truly successful EV transition -- defined as every gas-or-diesel driven vehicle currently on the road being replaced by an EV -- would be a failure for them. They would much prefer that most of us not drive all. Not seeing enemy actions for what they are is no way forward.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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2 comments on “The EV 'Transition': Failure by Design”

  1. This happened all too frequently during Obama's presidency. All the talking heads were discussing this mistake and that mistake when everything they did was on purpose and had a purpose. Far too many on the right side have no vision when it comes to what is actually transpiring on the left. It's maddening, but makes sense when we realize that our "Betters" in DC are along for the ride.....just a hair slower than their friends across the aisle.

  2. Personal transportation in the form of the internal combustion-powered vehicle has been under assault for over sixty years. Battery powered cars were once available around 100 years ago and the market rejected them then. Government has historically tried to limit or eliminate personal transportation in favor of public transit for generations. This is merely the latest incarnation.
    The slapping of a 100% import tariff on an affordable EV tells you everything: If our government wanted "EVs for Everybody," it would not purposely double the price.
    It's not about jobs, it's not about "national security," it's about control.

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