THE COLUMN: What's the Constitution Among Friends?

Michael Walsh29 Aug, 2022 6 Min Read
Thou shalt not what?

Thus spake the great George Washington Plunkitt, of Tammany Hall fame, and it makes a fitting epitaph for the noble experiment in self-government that is, or was, the United States of America. Last week, we discussed the now-explicit anti-constitutionalism and anti-Americanism of the modern Left, and their desire to see it on the ash heap of history, now that it's served its purpose (like John Hurt in Alien) as their incubator and victim. From at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the Democrats have despised the Constitution—which they think let them down in the battle over slavery—and have sought to kill it by the death of a thousand cuts, some of which have been delivered by the Supreme Court, some by legislation, and some by sheer inanition.

It's time now to begin going into detail about what can be done and what can't. The good news is, there are solutions, or rather, one simple one. The bad news is, it will never be implemented, because the century-long browbeating of the American public via the political establishment and their handmaidens in the news media makes that effectively impossible.

The hell with it.

Free speech, the cornerstone of our Republic, dies in several ways, most obviously by suppression and prohibition. We might term this the punch-in-the-face, "shut up, he explained" approach much beloved by national-socialist fascists and totalitarians everywhere. Aping the unfortunate literary example of most of the Ten Commandments, leftist rules for radicals are filled with thou-shalt-nots, which delight those who instinctively believe that humans are intrinsically guilty and must be punished, even for sins they haven't committed yet. It's not a big leap from "thou shalt not covet they neighbor's ass"—don't blame me, blame the King James Bible—to the clank of prison bars and the eternal solitude of the oubliette. In a proscriptive community, just one look is all it takes.

But it also dies from self-strangulation, which is currently the preferred murder weapon. Having just emerged from Facebook prison for the second time in less than three months (a month in stir for each "offense against community standards," i.e. thou shalt not speak ill of the Chinese or the Ukrainians), and having been permanently anathematized by Twitter for (I believe but cannot prove, since they won't tell me) publicly correcting the mistakes of a certain "presidential historian," which act of lèse-majesté the reigning robots of Tweetville deemed "targeted harassment," I am bloodied but unbowed.

Social media has proven itself a very great evil, and in the coming kingdom needs to be atomized and resurrected as a genuine free-speech platform, not an implement of government and "community" censorship hiding behind the increasingly slipping mask of private enterprise.

This is in contradistinction to the U.S. Constitution, and in particular the Bill of Rights, derided by leftists such as Barack Obama as "a charter of negative liberties" in that it tells the authorities what they may not do, not what you the citizen may not do, but which in reality is the sole guarantor of personal freedom left in these crumbling United States, which almost certainly will not last out this century and is unlikely to make it to its 300th birthday intact. But then, the Left has never really been interested in freedom—intellectual, spiritual, or personal—when it can enforce conformity via the trigger fingers of all of the non-constitutional agencies with which it has supplanted the Declaration of Independence. License, especially the sexually exotic, is what they mean when they say "freedom," and if you don't like it you're a bigot who deserves to be cancelled or charged.

The joke's on them, Barry.

That said, it's becoming increasingly likely that the Left won't be crushed at the polls this November. That the Burden of Brandon may not, in fact, bring the houses of Congress tumbling down around Nancy Pelosi's and Chuck Schumer's ears. At the highest levels, nobody cares who's "President." One guy named Joe signing the bills is as good as another, especially given the fact that the nomenklatura runs the national-security state today, just as it did in the old Soviet Union. A nebbishy nonentity, such as Mr. Thompson in Atlas Shrugged, is just what the moment calls for, to occlude the ugly face of fascism beneath.

Neither side wants to upset the worm-ridden applecart. Resuscitate a dead nuclear deal with Iran without Senate approval? "Forgive" student loans for gender-studies unemployables at taxpayer expense, without bothering to get the House to originate the spending bill? No problem! What part of "our democracy" don't you understand?

It's like the relationship between the CIA and the KGB during the Cold War. Both teams loved the status quo and neither wanted things to change, ever. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, at which I had a ringside seat, caught them both completely by surprise. But in the cozy modus vivendi of the current Washington racket, an accommodation has long since been reached between "progressivism" (always good) and "conservatism" (always bad) by which things will gradually but inexorably shift leftward until the Last Trump, when the charade collapses under its own weight and we have finally reached the New Jerusalem: one zillion consecutive life terms in Hell.

Freedom ain't what it used to be, and coveting your neighbor's ass has a vastly different meaning nowadays. Much of the population of the territorial United States now hails directly or indirectly from countries and regions that have neither a connection to nor an affinity for 18th-century British or American political institutions and philosophy. Perhaps the worst moment of the wretched George W. Bush presidency came with these spectacularly ill-chosen words in his second inaugural address:

Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul. We do not accept the existence of permanent tyranny because we do not accept the possibility of permanent slavery... In America's ideal of freedom, the exercise of rights is ennobled by service, and mercy, and a heart for the weak.

Revelation 21: it's down there somewhere.

At that, any self-respecting Roman would have laughed out loud and ordered the Tenth Legion into action. (You want to see a country that has never, ever, once fought for freedom? Try China.) Even with "their democracy" crashing around Roman heads during the civil wars between 83 and 44 B.C., it had already lasted half a millennium, and in form if not in substance would last another half-millennium in the west. "A heart for the weak" was the surest way to find your head sitting atop a pike in Parthia or nailed to a tree in the Teutoburg Forest by German barbarians. Nobody ever said gratias vobis ago to the Roman legions bringing civilization to Gaul or Germania at the point of a gladius.

Which brings us back to the Constitution, now as shredded and torn and lying on the floor of the Senate like Caesar on the Ides of March. The easiest and most direct way to restore our American Republic (not "our democracy") is to restore the Constitution in all of its salient particulars, including the restoration of the Ninth and Tenth amendments, a return to the notion of limited central government, the reduction of the Supreme Court to its (very constrained) core powers and duties, and the rollback of the National Security State that began with the American surrender after 9/11. We'll be looking at the details of our Restoration in the coming weeks, what political price we might have to pay to effect it, and whether at this point it's even worth trying.

What's in our future? Civil War? Partition? Amicable divorce? In the meantime, let me leave you with this, from my debut novel, the controversial Exchange Alley, written after my return from Moscow in 1991 and published in 1997 but set in the period just before the end of the Soviet Union.

There is an unmistakable odor about socialist countries that pervades every public place. It is a strong animal smell, composed in equal parts of sweat and unwashed clothes, Russian cigarettes, cheap perfume, piss, disinfectant, and leaded gasoline; in the heyday of Communism, every socialist country smelled the same. But in the mother church of Marxism-Leninism, the reek was stronger, sharper, more pervasive. It was the ur-stench of the Soviet system, the stink of a dying animal and with each passing year it got stronger and more difficult for foreigners, even fellow travelers in the west, to ignore.

Smell that here at home now? I thought you might.

Michael Walsh is a journalist, author, and screenwriter. He was for 16 years the music critic and a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine. His works include the novels As Time Goes By, And All the Saints, and the bestselling “Devlin” series of NSA thrillers; as well as the nonfiction bestseller, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace and its sequel, The Fiery Angel. Last Stands, a study of military history from the Greeks to the present, was published by St. Martin's Press in December 2019. He is also the editor of Against the Great Reset: 18 Theses Contra the New World Order, published on Oct. 18, 2022, and of the forthcoming Against the Corporate Media. Follow him on Twitter: @theAmanuensis


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10 comments on “THE COLUMN: What's the Constitution Among Friends?”

  1. Lawrence
    "..Unfortunately, unlike a divorce there is zero chance that the left will leave
    us alone once the separation is consummated."

    If one goes through a divorce (which is statistically shown to be done
    by the woman involved - 87%), and one has children via the 'relationshit'
    as referred to by 1st Sgt Terrance Popp, then the man in the picture WILL
    be treated to the viciousness of 'The Family Court' which WILL side with
    the woman.

    Very often the wife will be counseled by her divorce attorney (often a rabid
    feminist) to drop false charges of abuse/rape/child molestation on the man
    that she's divorcing..all to enhance her 'payout' via both courts.
    Often the judge in such courts is also a rabid much for 'unbaised
    justice' there. 'Constitutionally protected Rights' do NOT exist in either
    divorce or 'family courts' whatsoever.

    Even if the man can prove that the children aren't genetically his, because
    the wife was proven to have committed adultery, he's STILL on the hook
    for supporting some other mans literal bastards. The financial slavery
    enacted on men via 'child support' will continue unabated..for the machinery
    of the state must be satiated, and the women overwhelmingly use such
    stolen funds totally on themselves, the children be damned!

    And then there's the very real possibility of a man being either
    crippled or killed by the woman in the relationshit (over 1/3 of
    all women do currently suffer from a severe mental illness at
    this time...bipolar and the 'Cluster B' are just the start).
    Just look at what happened to Travis Alexander at the hands
    of Jodi Arias as an abject example/lesson.

    So, no, 'it doesn't end' once the separation is consummated.
    Far from it.

    That among other real world reasons is why the philosophy of
    MGTOW is growing exponentially around the world.

    NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  2. Good Evening Michael,
    Yes it has.

    democracy was NEVER intended to be either the goal or the reason for existence of America.
    America, if it can be said to be so, was intended as a Republic.
    democracy was only intended as a method of choosing one's
    representatives, not an end unto itself..and only by those that
    had 'skin in the game', i.e. property owners who were male.

    Of course the proto-marxist jacobins and later Marx found it
    very convenient to adopt democracy for their evil designs.
    And women were and are very convenient tools for them,
    which is why the bolshivek based 'Frankfurt School' pushed
    feminism almost from day one in America.

    Most people do not know that the original push to 'emancipate women'
    originally came from the Christian Social Gospel Movement of the 1830's
    and 1840's (that's where the idea of 'gun control' also came from).
    The clerics of that movement (an Eastern phenomenon) were quite
    communistic in their outlooks and worldview, even if they wore the
    rose colored religious glasses of the day. The 'suffragette movement'
    was completely their child.

    All that 'representative democracy' means now is, If person 'X' can get
    enough of a related mob to side with him or her (usually her), they can
    literally vote person 'Y' into complete poverty if not death.
    And such doesn't even have to conform to reality, facts or logic...all
    that is needed when such is asked about why, the answer, especially
    for women and low intelligence individuals is almost always "because
    my feelings say so!"

    Where women are concerned, they have historically ALWAYS voted
    for more intrusive and expanded government in order to get what
    they want. This is because women's 'morality' is composed of only
    two factors, 1. to be provided for. and 2. to be protected. Freedom
    only exists for them to seek out 'what the heart wants', usually at
    a severe destructive cost to everyone else around them..look at
    the 'sexual revolution' and 'no fault divorce' for the real world
    consequences of both and those are just the tip of the gynocentric
    iceberg via the tool of feminism.
    Single mother households empowered by gov, raising multiple bastards from
    baby daddies anyone?.....
    So yes, it IS far past time to take women's rights away
    and follow through with the other 2 steps.

    NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  3. Forget the fraudulently created 'constitution'.
    It was proved to be a fraud by none other than both Lysander Spooner
    and later Kenneth Royce, author of 'Hologram of Liberty'.

    For all practical intents and purposes, Lincoln murdered it in 1865
    (before receiving his proper commupance), and both Wilson and
    FDR finished tossing it in the hole and tamping the dirt down in
    their respective manners.

    It's a long dead horse that isn't going to get back up and run
    like Secritariat no matter how often it's beaten or harped upon.

    You want to 'Save Western Civilization'?...seriously?...
    Ok then, here's what you do (courtesy of a former Navy
    Intel. and sandbox vet that goes by the moniker of Turd
    Flinging Monkey on Suzy Wokejicki's 'spewtube'):

    1. Take women's rights away, specifically their right to vote.
    voting is NOT a is a privilege that is granted or earned.
    This is proven by the fact that children, the insane and convicted
    felons do NOT have the right to vote. Women have NEVER earned
    it and have consistently made things worse in this country since
    Wilson foolishly granted it to them via the 19th Amendment (before
    that the 'suffragettes' and their supporting male manginas were
    regularly committing acts of terrorism to force the issue - that alone
    should have immediately been seen as a total dealbreaker - NO vote
    for you ladies!!!) . 'Universal suffrage' was and is a total failure that
    empowers and enables the worst in people - especially women!

    2. Stop empowering women. No education beyond high school
    and no job or career outside of the home - their job IS to be
    the homemaker and duitiful wife under the responsible proper
    authority of their husband - who IS the head of the family!
    This DOES work as shown by communities such as the Ahmish,
    Orthodox Jews and the Muslims, so don't say it can't or wont.
    The side benefit is that by these groups doing this, their birthrates
    are kept above replacement levels, something that people in the
    'Alt Right' keep harping about incessantly but don't know how to
    properly approach for a usually devolves into either
    'we have to have a race war! or 'let Jesus handle'll be fine'
    Both defaults accomplish exactly the same result...NOTHING!!

    3. End ALL welfare, both domestic and foreign - no free 'gimmiedats'
    for ANYONE! If someone here is truly disadvantaged outside of their own
    life or actions, let support be provided as it was successfully in the
    past via private charity, personal voluntary donations to religious
    organizations and ethnic mutual support groups - NOT by gov stealing
    from one person to enrich another via a ponzi scheme.

    So there you have it!
    Problem solved!!
    And you don't have to even thank me, let alone TFM.
    So....are you ready to make steps 1 through 3 happen in
    your local community and return your community to sanity and reason?....

    NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

    1. I have made the point repeatedly that the fetishization of the franchise has been terrible for the purposes of representative democracy.

  4. I won't get all but I'll get some and after all this b******* that's all that matters get some

  5. No point arguing with the Devil. Satan must be crushed in our time and place. Stand up the militia of the good, and start firing.

  6. Eventually, you’ll get to the main snag: is it within the government’s legitimate purpose to create a regulatory and welfare state that you, the citizen, have no choice about joining, complying with or opting out of? And once you come to the correct answer, the even bigger snag is how do you trim government down to what it should be?

    You’ve got to start somewhere to restore our Constitution’s “salient particulars”, so you’ll have to explain what individual political rights are and why they’re necessary for both the individual and the body politic because most people couldn’t define it properly if you had a .44 magnum to their heads. I heartily suggest that you dig out your non-fiction Rand, Mike. There’s no one clearer on this issue. Gotta start with the fundamentals.

  7. I see no vulnerable Democrat saying the President can't appropriate money, only Congress can. The rules are the rules. This is the duplicitous Democrats trying to get it both ways, claim the President is keeping a campaign promise, they don't support it, but look at what you get, vote for Democrats. Sorry the Constitution is specific in giving the power of the purse to the House of Representatives.

  8. Is there hope that the Left won't ultimately win? I'm sitting in the Rapid City airport after a few days in South Dakota and here, at least, it seems that sanity prevails. I know, this is far from the levers of power, but the whites, Indians, and an increasing number of Hispanics here seem to be happy with the status quo of western individualism and self-reliance. The rightward shift of Hispanics in even blue states is a heartening sign.

  9. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not have to argue with them about literally everything? As in a marital divorce, everything becomes a bone of contention in our current circumstances. Unfortunately, unlike a divorce there is zero chance that the left will leave us alone once the separation is consummated. No matter how much of the family resources we grant them in order to walk away from their insanity, they will still seek to impose their will on us, to hector us. They will continue to infiltrate and subvert. They will use 'climate change™" to justify their obsession with correcting our behavior. Nope: I'm afraid the solution cannot be negotiated.

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