No Farmers, No Food, No Future

Elizabeth Nickson01 Oct, 2023 4 Min Read
All over the world, everywhere you look.

And now bugs. They are actually serious about bugs, and when I say ‘they’ I mean the government. Justin Trudeau, the most hated man in Canada, and the most hated prime minister in history granted millions to yet another bug factory not too long ago. This venture is so unpopular, some wit created an app that scans a food product to see whether bugs are being used.

Bugs and chemical meats are meant to replace meat, dairy and eventually, grains and vegetables. Like the vaccines, given the recent history of government institutions meant to assure safety, there is substantial doubt as to safety or efficacy, but never mind. It is part of the great green future, where we will live in concrete bunkers piled on top of each other and eat meat paste and crickets. A contractor friend building four badly needed high rises in the near-by capital city, claims there is so much green regulation wicking away money, they are limited to low-ceilinged bunkers, with tiny windows.

Not a bad idea.

This is all allegedly to lower the methane released by humans, meat birds, pork and cattle, to reduce the use of nitrogen in fertilizers. Since provisions of the Green New Deal were included in the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the Biden administration has gone full bore into regulatory rule-making. Rule-making is surreptitiously powerful and generally goes ignored by any media, since few journalists have done time in the real world of actual production of actual goods that people need to eat.

But that rule-making is now methodically shuttering independent farmer after rancher after farmer. Ranches that have fed people for a century or more are having their herds reduced from six hundred head of cattle to one hundred, without any ability to discuss or work with the Bureau of Land Management official who is ruining them. A proposed new rule gives Bureau of Land Management employees even more power, without any legislative oversight.

Legislators, national, state-wide and local, cannot keep up with the number of food-producing businesses being destroyed. The tactics are fiendish and destructive. The biggest dam removal in history is about to happen in the Klamath, despite the fact that the second biggest dam removal did not bring back the Coho salmon. There is no rigour within the cadres destroying America. Their science is rubbish, the fruits of their work, demonic.

At the G20 two weeks ago in New Delhi, the conference issued a joint statement endorsing the 30 percent goal “to achieve land degradation neutrality.” Farming is now considered land degradation. Last week, Biden announced the creation of a “Climate Corps” styled after the New Deal’s Work Projects Administration, which will employ a corps of formerly unemployed fanatics patrolling any productive operation for "climate crimes." This is so dystopian it is hard to believe. But it’s true.

The usual suspects.

The Epoch Times has just released a film called, No Farmers, No Food. An hour of searing first-class reporting showed just how far along the 2030 food rules have progressed. The Epoch team dug into the stories of the Dutch farmers, the Sri Lankan disaster where the withdrawal of fertilizer meant starvation, and the literal crimes taking place out in the heartlands and rangelands of America.

One of the constants is farmer suicide, in Holland, in Sri Lanka, in America. General Secretary Antonio Guterres, head of the U.N., has complained that the world organization is only 15 percent of the way toward its Sustainable Development Goals and requires a Global Rescue Plan. This is almost certainly a lie. Nothing the U.N. says is actual truth, it’s all wordsmithed propaganda. The stupidity of it has already nearly starved an entire country, until Sri Lankans rose up, stormed the Presidential Palace and swam in the deposed rascal’s pool.

Climatistas were willing to starve millions people of color in Sri Lanka to reach their goals. Which country will they attack next? Nothing has been tested, there are no analyses of what might happen if an entire country of subsistence farmers just emerging from cyclical famine, goes organic. They do not know what the effects of meat paste or crickets are on human beings. They do not even know if their ideas will reduce carbon. There have been no demonstrated, trustworthy studies showing meat paste is superior and shocking studies that show it  reduces health. They won’t starve us in the West, they will just withdraw real food by making it so expensive, we give up and start eating crickets and chemical meat. By increments. So we don’t really notice.

The bug- and meat-paste factories are in every country now, and investors get massive tax breaks and subsidy for investing in them. As John Kerry said last year, “Wherever we run into a problem it is always solved by money, money, money.” By which he means that when consumers reject fake meat, as they are doing now, they just switch their tactics toward buying out real meat producers and thus reducing supply while increasing prices.

When you take land out of production, it runs to wasteland. Like the shuttered forests of the American Northwest, vegetation runs riot, invasive species climb trees, creating fire ladders. Trees grow so close together they desiccate the soil, reducing the water supply. Birds and other species leave. And finally the forests explode in fire. Rangeland without cattle degrades, farmland without stewardship runs to invasives and the soil is denatured.

In the annals of Man's mistakes, this one has to be the worst of all. It will destroy the land, and poison us. And perhaps that is the point.

Elizabeth Nickson was trained as a reporter at the London bureau of Time Magazine. She became European Bureau Chief of LIFE magazine in its last years of monthly publication, and during that time, acquired the rights to Nelson Mandela’s memoir before he was released from Robben Island. She went on to write for Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Telegraph, the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Her first book The Monkey Puzzle Tree was an investigation of the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and was published by Bloomsbury and Knopf Canada. Her next book, Eco-Fascists, How Radical Environmentalists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage, was a look at how environmentalism, badly practiced, is destroying the rural economy and rural culture in the U.S. and all over the world. It was published by Adam Bellow at Harper Collins US. You can subscribe to her Substack at


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  1. "It will destroy the land, and poison us. And perhaps that is the point."

    That is absolutely the point. They believe the world population should be, at most, 1 billion people. That means they want the other 7 billion of us to die. Not them, mind you, just us. They're never giving up their wagyu beef, private jets, and $10M beachfront estates.

  2. Taking public health advice or policy suggestions from people who believe that the Earth's population needs to reduced by 90% is not and never will be a good idea.

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