Food Fight

Elizabeth Nickson03 Dec, 2023 4 Min Read
There's a lesson here somewhere.

It is arguable that the environmental movement, funded largely by WEFers, is meant to distract from the systematic poisoning of our food and water. Putting aside geo-engineering, which few who farm do, the manipulated science that accompanied Covid flared suspicion about every Big Pharma product. And Big Pharma and Big Ag are married. Covid and the vaccine changed everything and everybody, even those who profited from it egregiously like the upper .01 percent. Naomi Wolf recently visited the denizens of the Upper East Side to find the former Masters of the Universe now feeling shame, going grey, wearing sweatpants, and confessing their injuries.

Recently, MIT invited Steve Kirsch to speak to undergraduates about the dangers of the Covid vaccine, a remarkable turnaround. Out in the wilder, wider world, throughout the early 2020s, a shift to rural areas took place. Many left the developed world to move to a freer (for them) developing nation. The principal driver on the right was suspicion of Covid, the vaccine, and the sudden authoritarianism shown by government. But the pandemic’s "science" and propaganda was so egregious, so absurd, that suspicions rose across the political spectrum about the the food we eat, the water we drink, and the pharma products we take. Even childhood vaccines are now showing a diminished uptake.

In South and Central America, new communities advertise separation from the superculture, and un-poisoned food, water and air. A community started by an Austrian couple, out in the Paraguayan rangeland prints its own houses, runs its own cattle, grows its own food, and schools its own children. A feature is the deep aquifer beneath their feet, and no over-flights dumping aerosolized metals to shade the sun, as they claim. A video on the community had 400,000 views in its first week. The Telegraph mocked these communities which range geographically from Africa, South-East Asia, various islands to south and central America, as "anti-vaxxers" and "extreme right." But the left is even more determined to live "clean," as they call it, and raise free-range children and their "intentional" communities are growing like mushrooms in every corner of the earth.

Back to basics.

Organic food and the extended natural products sector is the fastest-growing consumer food and lifestyle trend in modern history. Big Ag spends millions trying to prove their food is safe, but without much success. In the first months of the pandemic, demand for organic food grew 50 percent. In a market that is $290 billion (out of a $1.3 trillion food-products market), that is a serious signal.

Equally, the resounding blast of propaganda that turned out to be false and destructive has diminished “belief” in “climate change.” Here in Canada, where for a century our media oligopoly benevolently told everyone what to think and they obediently thought it, has lost so many readers and listeners no subsidy can keep up with their failing numbers. The gap between those who think we should starve or freeze because a mythical air-bogeyman is coming, and those refusing sacrifice because carbon dioxide, a plant food, is dangerous, is massive. Trudeau looks like a dead man walking, and his Liberal Party has lost 75 percent of its support. Pretty much the whole country outside the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal axis self-identifies as extreme right-wing.

Last week, Bayer’s Monsanto was hit with $1.5 billion verdict in latest Roundup case. No matter Big Ag's lobbying ($163 million annually) and its relentless PR, no one believes them. A simple Google search calls forth 1.2 million counter-arguments linking agricultural chemicals to cancer and other diseases.

The Covid mess has meant people have refocused on Big Pharma’s involvement with Big Ag. And while we are at it, the water? Fluoride, which has been dumped into city water for decades, is widely suspected to cause cognitive impairments, while atrazine, another agricultural chemical in drinking water, bisexes fish, and it plus estrogens in drinking water could be responsible for some (if not all) of the sexual confusion in the young. That Google search yields almost two million results.

Confusion? What confusion?

One of Trump's worst decisions meant Monsanto/Bayer will "effectively control nearly 60 percent of the world’s supply of proprietary seeds, 70 percent of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow food, and most of the world’s GM crop genetic traits, as well as much of the data about what farmers grow where, and the yields they get", said the Guardian in 2018. No name change will save Monsanto from being thoroughly hated. People who break out in hives after eating American bread or pasta, have no trouble in Italy where the E.U., in one of its few sensible moves, banned GMOs and glyphosate. We now know that Monsanto’s bio-engineered seed has vastly increased the use of chemicals and the growth of superweeds. Which means that a company dominates farming world-wide despite a tsunami of evidence that genetically modified seed migrate toxins into fetuses in the womb.

Despite the 'vision' of the WEF corporatist globalists, they forget that customers, people, lead markets, not the Davos elites. Their arrogance means they have made catastrophic errors that cannot be forgiven. How is this all not recognized as a slow but inexorable genocide? Answer: it is recognized by the early adopters on the marketing curve, to speak their crude jargon, and that means a titanic disaster for Big Agriculture and Big Pharma.

Elizabeth Nickson was trained as a reporter at the London bureau of Time Magazine. She became European Bureau Chief of LIFE magazine in its last years of monthly publication, and during that time, acquired the rights to Nelson Mandela’s memoir before he was released from Robben Island. She went on to write for Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Telegraph, the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Her first book The Monkey Puzzle Tree was an investigation of the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and was published by Bloomsbury and Knopf Canada. Her next book, Eco-Fascists, How Radical Environmentalists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage, was a look at how environmentalism, badly practiced, is destroying the rural economy and rural culture in the U.S. and all over the world. It was published by Adam Bellow at Harper Collins US. You can subscribe to her Substack at


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  1. I understand what you’re saying but we must all be mindful that, as Socrates observed long ago, tyranny can come from popular democracies comprising the powerless as well as elite clubs in Davos comprising the powerful. It may seem counterintuitive to many who only see narrowly powerful corporate greed and corporate self-interest underneath every bed in America, but I would still choose (in most cases) to purchase the cheaper produce associated with modern herbicide and pesticide applications over so-called organic produce. Why? Because my choices in life are governed by cost-benefit considerations, not considerations for establishing universal utopia, as with the collectivists. Can you see that the billion-dollar verdict in favor of a single gardener (an absurd valuation of harm) whose cancer was traced back to glyphosate actually harms everyone who chooses to accept and thus freely trade the risks of synthetic herbicides (like Roundup) in exchange for cheaper food? Can you see that the environmental lobby (and the tort system they help formulate) that punishes a company like Monsanto operates by the same philosophical premises as the Davos cult that they sometimes oppose? Namely, both camps insist on knowing what’s best for society, thus individual choice (and it’s corollary, individual responsibility) goes out the window. For both these camps, the human mind and hence the products of the human mind are the enemy. I’m all in favor of allowing all these philosopher kings to try and convince me and others whether CO2 or fluoride or glyphosate or Atrazine or PFOAs or microplastics, or mRNA gene therapy, etc. is good or whether it is bad provided that, at the end of the day, consumers and producers are free to trade value for value, unencumbered by any regulation imposed by those who presume to know what’s best for me or society. Never presume that your notion of unacceptable risk to an individual (as, for example, with a given pesticide) or unacceptable risk to a population (as, for example, with “global warming”) is the same as the next person’s notion, even if everyone agrees on the underlying statistical analyses, which is seldom the case.
    Seek Objectivism. Learn it. Practice it. Teach it.

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