Lifelong Hack Taps Dem Money Spigot

Clarice Feldman08 Feb, 2024 2 Min Read
John Podesta. Enough said.

Did you harbor the least suspicion that the deceptively-named Inflation Reduction Act was designed to provide massive handouts of federal funds to Democrats and their friends? If you did, that suspicion was well-founded. The administration has announced that with the retirement of John F. Kerry as U.S. Special Climate Envoy, the position will now be headed by John Podesta. “His new title will be senior adviser to the president for international climate policies.” No better man to shell out money to Democrats and their friends.

It’s not as if he’s had no experience in such things. Prior to this new assignment, Podesta served as a senior adviser on "clean energy" overseeing the implementation of the I.R.A., a law which devotes $370-783 billions of dollars in clean energy tax credits and incentives to speeding up the transition to wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy:

On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, marking the most significant action Congress has taken on clean energy and climate change in the nation’s history. With the stroke of his pen, the President redefined American leadership in confronting the existential threat of the climate crisis and set forth a new era of American innovation and ingenuity to lower consumer costs and drive the global clean energy economy forward.

Unlike Kerry, who operated out of the Department of State, Podesta -- a senior Democratic party strategist for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as well as Joe Biden -- will be operating from within the White House, presumably coordinating with the Biden campaign to make sure every dollar aids the president’s reelection effort.

Podesta also played a critical role in brokering the 2015 Paris climate agreement as a counselor to President Barack Obama, and helped steer President Bill Clinton’s environmental policies while serving as White House chief of staff. How significant a political wheeler-dealer he is was revealed by Wikileaks when Julian Assange published the results of emails sourced from inside the D.N.C. I won’t say hacked, because I do not believe they were hacked, but rather copied by an insider and transmitted to Assange.

Upon taking this new position, unsurprisingly Podesta gushed about Kerry’s achievements, which besides keeping himself in the public eye and privately jetting from one international climate conference to another, were nil. None of that helped Biden, who needs a geyser of money spread freely among left-wing supporters to carry him through the election at the end of the year. And who better than Podesta?

Clarice Feldman is a retired attorney living in Washington, D.C. During her legal career she represented the late labor leader Joseph ("Jock") Yablonski and the reform mine workers against Tony Boyle. She served as an attorney with the Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations, in which role she prosecuted those who aided the Nazis in World War II. She has written for The Weekly Standard and is a regular contributor to American Thinker.


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