The Netherlands Says Nee to 'Climate Change'

Clarice Feldman18 May, 2024 3 Min Read
Wilders: a revolutionary, winning policy.

In November of last year, Geert Wilders' victory in the provincial elections in the Netherlands shocked the E.U.  establishment. Now Wilders, after five months of negotiations, has announced he has formed a successful coalition with three other parties in the Netherlands. With this achievement in hand he reports that his PVV party is moving the country in a promised new direction.

Almost six months after Dutch anti-Islam populist leader Geert Wilders won the Dutch election, he and three other party leaders have agreed a provisional agreement to form a right-wing government. A final decision has not been made on the next Dutch prime minister, but it will not be Mr Wilders, who gave up the chance in a bid to secure a deal.

"We have a negotiators' agreement and we will now put it to our [parliamentary] factions," the Freedom Party leader told journalists. If they agree, his party will go into government with the conservative-liberal VVD, the centrist New Social Contract and the Farmer Citizens Movement (BBB).

Much of the news reporting focuses on the new government’s tough asylum and immigration initiatives and foreign policy initiatives. While there isn't as much detail about the new government's move from the Netherlands' green policies, what has been reported makes clear that it's rejecting "climate change" as a viable government policy and plans to start work on building four new nuclear reactors (two of which had already been planned). Most importantly Wilders rejects those E.U. climate regulations that hurt farmers who inspired the peaceful revolution against suicidal Leftism by driving tractors throughout the country to protest them.

Bordered in part by the sea and mostly below sea level, tiny Holland has managed to create farmland by reclaiming it from the ocean and is presently the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products. The prior government under Mark Rutte, spurred by the E.U., had a goal of halving nitrogen emissions, which was certain to put many farmers out of business by mandating the killing of cattle and forcibly wresting land out of agricultural production. As more specifics are developed and a prime minister is selected to announce them, we expect the new government to follow Wilder’s election manifesto which in relevant part earlier decried “No wasting billions on pointless climate hobbies, but more money for our people.”

 "We have been made to fear climate change for decades... We must stop being afraid," The Dutch have the best water engineers in the world and there is no need to panic about rising sea levels, the document says. The manifesto calls for more oil and gas extraction from the North Sea and keeping coal and gas power stations open. "The PVV is also in favour of rapidly constructing new nuclear power stations."

Wilders, in announcing the coalition formation, states the new government plans to expand offshore natural gas production and nuclear energy “as part of plans to reduce the Netherlands’ dependence on ‘unreliable countries.’” Most important for the Netherlands

Farmers will not be forced to reduce the large amount of livestock in the Netherlands, which was meant to cut back nitrogen oxide emissions, and farmers near nature reserves will not be forced to close businesses to meet environmental goals.

We note that the Netherlands is sending a thumbs down message to the E.U. on its immigration policies, placing it closer to Poland and Hungary  regarding immigration legislation, and signaling once again that the European Union’s policies are meeting significant and growing opposition to open borders and Islamic migration. Just as the present government of the Netherlands fell by ignoring the opposition by farmers and the vast number of people who supported them, the E.U. cannot continue to ignore the growing revolt against its proposed immigration policies.

DeSantis: enough, already.

Meanwhile, in the U.S,. Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis is also pushing back against the “climate change” hoax. He just signed into law legislation that erases “climate change” references from state law and has made it a priority to ensure “an adequate reliable and cost-effective supply of energy for the state in a manner that promotes the health and welfare of the public and economic growth”

Among the parts of current law that will be removed are a provision for addressing “the potential of global climate change” as a state energy policy, and a provision for the state to “play a leading role in developing and instituting energy management programs aimed at promoting energy conservation, energy security, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The legislation prevents local governments from enacting some energy policy restrictions and prohibits the construction or expansion of offshore wind facilities and certain wind turbines within a mile of the coast (Florida has no such facilities currently).

As the public sees the high costs of government acquiescence to left-wing climate change follies, it's becoming energized to oppose these foolish directives. More leaders should follow Wilders’ and DeSantis’ lead if they wish to remain in office.

Clarice Feldman is a retired attorney living in Washington, D.C. During her legal career she represented the late labor leader Joseph ("Jock") Yablonski and the reform mine workers against Tony Boyle. She served as an attorney with the Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations, in which role she prosecuted those who aided the Nazis in World War II. She has written for The Weekly Standard and is a regular contributor to American Thinker.


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