'Climate Change' and the Toxic De-Growth Agenda

Elizabeth Nickson29 Jun, 2023 4 Min Read
Right on schedule.

Earlier this month in St. Petersburg, the BRICS -- that is, the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa -- met to consider the application of nineteen more countries to their number, and in two months they will gather against, in Durban, South Africa, with an eye towards laying out an alternative to the U.S. dollar’s dominion over world trade. Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe, are among those applying to join BRICS. These countries are setting their face against western democracies and their death march into "climate change" degrowth and population reduction. They may save us yet.

That currency will be pegged to the natural resources possessed by each country. This critical shift will mean that financialization of each country’s resources will be unavailable to the world’s oligarchs, who today are acquiring land as fast as they can to set aside as carbon credits on the massive new taxes deemed necessary. The BRICS do not care about "climate change" or species extinction (which they know are based on a falsification of science), they care about growth and using their resources to give their people a better life. They do not want the World Economic Forum telling them what to do. When it comes to the Ukraine conflict, they are on Russia’s side.

Not going gently.

While China plays both sides of the fence, it is Russia who is stepping up, and rejecting the no-growth policies of western democracies. With the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is stating he will not bend to NATO, to the U.N., to the IPCC and the World Economic Forum. Say what you will about the autocrat Putin, unlike our leaders, he refuses to go silently into that good night.

Here, in the once-free west, we are dying. Our whole world speaks of death. Elon Musk recently invited Aaron Gunn, a young Canadian politician to upload his documentary, Canada Is Dying onto Twitter. Within 24 hours, it had received 1,000,000 views. It is a follow-on from his Vancouver Is Dying doc and could be transposed to any American city polluted by the politics of the Left. In Vancouver, when green activists shut down the extraction of our extraordinary wealth of resources, our economy shifted to crime. By 1998, Asian gangs had moved into the city and have used our real estate to launder most of the drug money of North America. We were among the first, but since the Biden immigration policy began, cartels have moved their people into place in every city in America. Vancouver is your future.

What future? The result has been a 30 percent across the board spike in crime in the most peaceable county in the world. Fathers murdered outside of Starbucks in front of their children, women afraid to walk the streets, killers out on bail, jurisprudence gone absolutely mad. And drugs, lots and lots of drugs. People are shooting up legally and dying on the street in front of you.

There is a way a hunter takes the life of a creature that is trapped but not dead. He places his foot on the heart, and squeezes the life out of it. That is what the environmental movement is doing to the lower 50 percent in western democracies and it is what the BRICS reject. It is lethality itself, and it has a field of economic study that promotes it and builds strategy and tactics. It draws principally from Marxism, but it is an advance on that philosophy of hatred: "de-growth" promotes hatred of self, of your culture, of anyone who is seen to be privileged and using too many resources.

Brought to you by Antifa. and the World Economic Forum.

It is, of course from the Left, advanced by people who are connected, usually in an ancillary way to universities. It finds its power in planning associations that determine the shape of cities and towns, decide where, how and why houses will be built, what they will look like. It is the reason we need millions of houses and the reason that we import millions more people we cannot house. The purpose is to create havoc and chaos, crime, and misery. It seeks to discourage family formation. It burbles through the Left, through Antifa, through Transitions, the U.N. launched and funded “local” group that works for carbon reductions in small communities and large, and who, through constant application to foundations and local governments, build themselves into political actors with heft. Everywhere Transitions operates, it chokes economic growth. In cities, it is called ICLEI, and it is monstrous.

The following is a quote from DeGrowth.org. Here’s a pre-translation: Break Everything That Works

Lastly, the ruptural mode of transformation involves halting, which is a confrontation with existing capitalist structures to the end of harm reduction (e.g. occupying a coal mine) and smashing, which is a break with existing structures (e.g. occupying and overtaking a production facility). Evidently, smashing can enable the strategic logic of building alternatives. Chertkovskaya cautions that ruptural modes are to be applied deliberately to overcome capitalist structures in specific spatio-temporal contexts rather than in an attempt to overthrow the global capitalist system in one go.

Recognize the academese, the sleazy language that emanates like a toxic fog? This corruption of language is the rationale behind the acceptance of the destruction of America’s great cities. This is why, Antifa could destroy city after city during the summer of 2020 and no one really seemed to care. This is why Democratic cities let people die on the streets, why they let people out of jail to murder and rape. Even the fact that Antifa destroyed inner city black neighborhoods was dismissed as unimportant. The important thing is to quash economic growth by creating chaos and misery.

What the "climate change" agenda does is remove hope for the future. It means people can’t afford food, much less a house. It means that there is no point in working hard because the future will be less than it is today. It creates despair, it creates misery, it spurs crime and addiction. Without course correction, it is our future and the death of everything that is good. It is evil itself and its people are demonic. The countries we used to call "developing" may be our only hope.

Elizabeth Nickson was trained as a reporter at the London bureau of Time Magazine. She became European Bureau Chief of LIFE magazine in its last years of monthly publication, and during that time, acquired the rights to Nelson Mandela’s memoir before he was released from Robben Island. She went on to write for Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Telegraph, the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Her first book The Monkey Puzzle Tree was an investigation of the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and was published by Bloomsbury and Knopf Canada. Her next book, Eco-Fascists, How Radical Environmentalists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage, was a look at how environmentalism, badly practiced, is destroying the rural economy and rural culture in the U.S. and all over the world. It was published by Adam Bellow at Harper Collins US. You can subscribe to her Substack at elizabethnickson.substack.com/


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  1. Lets return New York City to the Wilderness it used to be lots of Wild Critters the residents of the Big Apple need some real wildlife encounters to shake them up

  2. One of the WEF's goal, explicitly stated, is to reduce the world's population to no more than 500 million. They call this "sustainability". I call it genocide, and it must be resisted by any means necessary, so perhaps it's time our side did a little smashing and rupturing ourselves. Our lives are literally at stake.

  3. You see the bumper stickers that say "God Bless America." You see "In God We Trust" on our currency. But America has gotten away from the message of His grace.

    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..."

    The founding fathers acknowledged that our constitution was inadequate for the maintenance of liberty for any other than "a moral and religious people." Freedom begins with the hearts of people who can accept God's complete grace. It is how to reverse this situation we are in. Tell a friend..

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