Canadians, Your Government Hates You

Tom Finnerty22 Dec, 2022 < 1 Min Read
Lives nasty, brutish, and short loom in the Great White North.

This isn't the worst thing that Canada's Liberal government has done -- that once-proud nation's dystopian embrace of euthanasia and organ harvesting probably tops that very long list -- but this tweet from Justin Trudeau's Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, demonstrates a similar contempt for their citizens:

This despite the fact that Canada's contribution to the tons of plastics floating around in the world's oceans is negligible -- as has been well documented, the vast majority of plastics in the ocean (between 90 and 99 percent) get there from just ten rivers, eight of them in Asia and two in Africa. Which is to say, this is less a story about single-use plastics in Canada or the U.S. than it is of poor waste management in third world countries.

Put another way, if you are a sick, sad, or poor Canadian, even if you're a wounded veteran, the Canadian government can't think of any way to help except to kill you. But if you're a Canadian who wants to serve potato salad at a summer picnic or doesn't have enough silverware for everyone who wants a slice of Granny's famous fruit cake on Boxing Day, sorry, you're out of luck.

Contempt is the only word for it.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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6 comments on “Canadians, Your Government Hates You”

  1. Have you noticed the proliferation of signs on public transit, at the doctor's office, at hospitals, at government service centres, that warn you that "harassment and abuse towards the staff will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted"? They don't notice that their Soviet-style bureaucratic incompetence and the poor taxes-to-value-received ratio might have anything to do with people losing their patience.

  2. The plastics should be banning corrupt and single minded politicians. They are far more dangerous.

  3. Just about the whole modern environmentalists movement is based upon Lies and Junk Science it started with Carson and Silent Spring now its Global Warming/Climate Change is the big green lie of today

  4. Governments take away guns before they introduce policies that will make you want to shoot them. Sheep obey those policies.

  5. I scorn the troglodytes who call checkout bags ‘single use plastic’.
    With the tiniest amount of imagination a plethora of uses can be made of them.
    Trashcan liners.
    Handy purse substitute.
    Useful carryall.
    Temporary twine.
    Dog turd receptacle.
    Works for cats, too.
    Rain hat.
    Boob enhancer.
    Balloon, some design flaws.
    Insulation, electrical and thermal.
    Ah these authoritarian ignoramuses; these bags can even be used repetitively to carry groceries.

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