Thirty for '30?

David Cavena25 Aug, 2021 5 Min Read
This land is their land now.

We keep writing about the absurdity of feeling anxious, worried or scared by the factually-unsupported Anthropogenic Global Warming (“AGW;” aka “Climate Change”) hoax. This is true, but for many, it’s a yawn. Who is to be believed these days? Just more lines in a never-ending stream of can-you-believe-this-stuff? Will it get 3.2 degrees Centigrade warmer 50 years after we’re all dead? Yawn. Will our oppression by our betters really make that big a difference today? Yawn. Will AOC & the Klimate Kult™  ever stop talking? zzzzzzz….

It’s time to wake up.

In a previous piece I noted that whoever is running Joe Biden (just think of that; we are the most powerful military and economic power in the world and no one knows who is in charge; complete non-accountability. That we accept this is both absurd and amazing) anyway – that whoever is calling the shots has issued an Executive Order over Joe’s name to confiscate 30 percent of America’s land and waters by 2030 (“30 for 30” is the catch-phrase). He is doing this to help resolve the Klimate Krisis. Which doesn’t exist.

Thirty percent. Of America’s land mass. This is a big number – and a bigger deal. Without any constitutional authority, whoever is making the decisions for The Big Guy wants to steal from your children and mine 30 percent of three-and-a-half-million square miles. That’s a million square miles for Uncle Sam.

The federal government has no authority to grab land  – the expectation of the Founders was that the federal government would own no land and would give (or sell) back to the States land not incorporated into a State for the purpose of new States or larger States.

The federal government's authority to dispose was unlimited (except for trust standards), but its authority to acquire, retain, and manage was not: all the latter functions could be exercised only to serve enumerated powers.

Stealing a million square miles via an executive order from a demented president and to serve no enumerated power? Seriously? Are you awake yet? How much is a million square miles?

Who needs the bison anyway?

  • It’s almost twice the size of Alaska. It’s more than any European country other than Russia. It’s five times the size of France.
  • It’s all of the States created from the Louisiana Purchase plus the States of CA and NE. Or – starting from the smaller states, it’s all of the Louisiana Purchase plus the states of KY, VA, IN, ME, SC, MD, VT, NH, MA, NJ, HI, VT, DE.
  • It’s all of the land acquired from defeating Mexico in that war plus the states of MT, OR, ID, KS, MN, SD. Or – starting from the smaller States, it’s all of the Mexican acquisitions plus NC, NY, MS, PA, LA, TN, OH, KY, VA, IN, ME, SC, WV, VT, NH, MA, NJ, HI, CT, DE, RI.

How about now? Awake?

“Conservationists” say we need to return these grasslands (let’s assume they confiscate the Midwest) to their “native condition.” That we need to remove all the cows cuz cow farts are killing us and cows are  destroying our grasslands. How much do you think a steak or a burger will cost then? (“Let them eat soy!”)

Years ago I rode out on a multi-day wild horse (photographic) hunt in western Nevada run by UC Davis (an ag school) as an extension course. A professor of grass (the kind cows eat, not the kind Democrats smoke) was the instructor. He told of a consulting gig for the Nature Conservancy to find out why the grasslands they had liberated from a rancher were not looking good – they were thick and woody, looking nothing like the grasslands they had expected once the Conservancy removed the non-native Herefords, Angus, etc. The differences on two sides of a fence – a foot away from each other – were plain: on the side with grazing cows the grass looked like grass. On the “conserved” side it looked like small woody unhealthy bushes.

Well… if you recall your history, the Western Plains had two bison herds of millions of animals each that never stopped eating and moving. They grazed the grass and moved on. The grass evolved with these ruminants. Take away the grazer and the grass no longer is in the environment in which it had evolved. And so changes.

The idea that confiscating a million square miles will make the country look like a Disney movie is just plain ignorant. But it’s the Left, so that’s to be expected.

The Left already has told us what they will do with these confiscated lands. They’ll ban grazing permits, probably ban hunting, and bus or fly in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the towns and cities of these lands to ensure they are changed from Red to Blue. (You don’t think they’ll confiscate any blue states, do you?) They will completely alter the culture of the core of our country. And the political results. Intentionally. Illegally. Unconstitutionally.

Biden already has said he will re-start Obama’s AFFH usurpation of local zoning laws, requiring cities to build multi-family housing in the suburbs, to mandate bus lines, to build in the suburbs everything everyone moved to the suburbs to get away from. Because socialism, disguised as "equity." Where do you think he will start, if not on the “green fields” of newly-stolen land?

We'll take that water too, thanks.

Will they confiscate the water resources, as well? Does the water flow across and under the land? Will the number of farms decline? What will this to do our food supply? Famine always follows socialism. Will the people of these confiscated lands move? Do you think they’ll have a choice? Where do you think they will house these thousands of illegals? Will we have a “Right of Return"?

To the best of my knowledge, one governor has gone public with a reaction: the governor of Nebraska. Gov. Pete Ricketts has noted this proposed confiscation covers an area nine times the size of his state, and that it will devastate family and small farms. While this is true, confiscating our country from our citizens seems to me a tad more important than one industry, and more than a few Americans don’t have at the top of their to-do list (unfortunately) preservation of farms – they get their food from the supermarket and seem not to know that food is grown and raised, harvested, slaughtered, and packaged before it gets to the supermarket. Yes, we need our farms, but we need everything else in this one-million-square miles, as well: families, communities, American culture: America.

That more governors aren’t reacting to a proposed unconstitutional federal land grab is, frankly, embarrassing. It’s almost as though governors don’t or refuse to grasp that the states are the senior partners in our government.

Governors need to step-up to this unknown person or cabal running the Executive Branch and trying to steal from us one third of our own country. And say “Nope.” Loud, early and often.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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