The 'Green' Road to the Garbage Dump

David Cavena09 Apr, 2024 3 Min Read
More toxic offal, coming right up.

Have you noticed that nothing “green” works? That battery-operated cars take forever to charge and don't work in the cold? That “green” approved things actually harm the environment and can't really meet our nutritional requirements? That none of it works to provide the power we are told it would?

The observation-based wind power densities are also much lower than important estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For solar energy, the average power density (measured in watts per meter squared) is 10 times higher than wind power, but also much lower than estimates by leading energy experts.

And isn't it odd that no one in the real world of school, families, work and travel -- that is, the world off of social media and activist land -- wants or desires any of this nonsense? And especially not the costs associated with it? Hertz recently bet in a big way that their EV fleet would work for their business. It didn’t. Hertz learned what car dealerships have been learning nationwide for some time. No one really wants EVs.

Several thousand solar panels were recently destroyed by comparatively normal weather -- hail isn't that unusual -- and now may be leaching hazardous waste into the ground and aquifers in Texas. Millions of shards of glass from their broken panels will litter thousands of acres, essentially forever. These join the windmills taken out by normal weather. Remember when the latest technology provided protection from, rather than exposure to, the weather?

And if the “utility” that wiped out the local environment by shading plants that need sun, disturbing animals needing plants and sun, placing steel into who knows how many animal burrows, destroying unknown numbers of animals, breeding grounds and food chains, decides to fund the cleanup of their hundreds of tons of solar trash and hazardous waste, then their toxic offal will be tossed into landfills already filling with worn-out, broken, used-up solar panels and their child-mined cobalt, along with thousands of tons of worn-out, failed windmills.

Think that last claim is hyperbolic? This is what the U.S. Department of Energy -- a source that is actively forcing so-called "renewables" on the country -- has to say on the matter: "By 2050, it is projected that wind turbine blade waste could range from about 200,000 to 370,000 tons per year."

What the hell were we thinking?

And beyond harming the environment, they might be harming us as well. Recent studies have suggested that wind turbines damage endothelial cells – damaging humans and animals at the cellular level:

Wind turbines generate infrasound when the rotor blade brushes past the mast. The rotor blade pushes large air masses in front of it, which is then interrupted at the mast. Infrasound is then transmitted not only through the air but also through the ground via the tower and can penetrate houses. Buildings, therefore, offer no protection.…

Infrasound could also affect microcirculation, the blood circulation of the fine capillary network where oxygen and nutrients enter the surrounding tissues. More precisely, it’s the endothelial cells located on the inner wall of the capillaries that react to infrasound, Dr. Ursula Bellut-Staeck said. She’s been studying microcirculation and endothelial cells since 2004. In addition to transporting proteins, these cells have many vital functions, such as inhibiting inflammation and controlling blood pressure. In a rat study examining the effects of infrasound, researchers noticed endothelial swelling and outer cell membrane damage within three hours of exposure to infrasound with a frequency of 8 Hz.

So it doesn't work, it's bad for the planet, it's bad for us. Is there any reason left to doubt that this is about anything other than looting the treasury and defrauding the middle class? Perhaps normal people will one day wake up, push back, and demand a return to rationality and healthful living instead of this accelerating fall into nightmarish serfdom. And  change course before it's too late.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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2 comments on “The 'Green' Road to the Garbage Dump”

  1. You said it right at the end of the essay: "Is there any reason left to doubt that this is about anything other than looting the treasury and defrauding the middle class?" The entire solar and wind "renewables" movement is a wealth transfer mechanism. It is not intended to work. It is only intended to grab taxpayer dollars that our incompetent government is only too happy to oblige.

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