The 'Green' Movement: Endemic Sorrow and Permanent Fear

Elizabeth Nickson31 May, 2023 4 Min Read
Collateral damage to appease the green gods.

Twenty years from now we are going to look back at the early years of green energy seeing it as the apex predator in the Madness of Crowds sweepstakes. The wealth transfer from the poor to the rich, as taxpayers subsidize green energy projects in every country, is shocking. That money winds its way into hedge funds that promote new green energy projects accompanied by yet more taxpayer subsidy. At the same time, the money that could be used to lift up an increasingly miserable lower 50 percent is accompanied by a shutting down of fossil fuel supply, thus raising energy costs for the working poor and middle class, which then skyrockets the price of food. It is a pincer movement, a classic play by the rich to milk the poor, a driving of tens of millions into poverty and serfdom. I can read the face of the older woman who checks out my groceries, it’s a combination of endemic sorrow and permanent fear. That is what green does to the less advantaged.

Green energy subsidy deserves every criticism thrown at market capitalism by the woke. Twenty more years of this and we will be back in the middle ages with hordes of beggars surrounding every Range Rover the moment it leaves its gated  community. In fact we are already there. In every mega-city, the underclass grows and grows. Have you seen the videos of cobalt miners in Africa and Asia? Without them, none of our luxury, no solar, no digital, no wind, is possible. They are kids, children, underfed, working fourteen hours days, breathing poison. Like the check-out lady’s fear and pain, they will break your heart. We have rare earth minerals in North America that greens won't let us mine. We have the technology to restore land after mining. Greens won't allow it.

Where does cobalt come from?

This corruption was sharply illustrated earlier this year by the several hundred whales washing up on the shores of the East Coast of the U.S., caused some say by wind turbine noise and vibration. Whatever happened to Saving The Whales? In any case, people living near wind turbines are not happy about it, unless they are very poor and being paid via taxpayer subsidy to grin and bear it. The noise is something else, the whine, the vibration causes sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and elevated blood pressure which is one of the reasons developers have moved off-shore. In Oregon the state supreme court ignored pleas of residents and forced wind installations into rural areas. All their arguments were tossed on the burn pile of "green," which has burned through trillions already, and is slated to burn another $200 trillion in the next decade to appease its dark and savage god.

In high winds, wind farms do become louder. Under full load, noise levels can reach up to 105 decibels at the turbine hub, which is 100 meters high. That's about as loud as an excavator.

The Bloomberg piece that announced the dead whales washing up on shore is interesting in its presentation of argument. Those NGOs intent on more "green energy," more offshore wind, etc, are presented as wholly ethical, virtuous beyond reason, and all criticism of them is paid for by the oil companies and associated with the Republican Party, which is of course evil. Bloomberg pretty much has to be on the side of wind, since it has been promoting catastrophic "climate change" for 20 years – I remember its first scare cover clearly – and Mike Bloomberg himself was a major player in setting up investors to take advantage of wind and solar subsidies. The numbers it cites are impressive:

Developers spent a record $4.4 billion last year just for the rights to install turbines off the coast of New York and New Jersey, in a blockbuster auction that underscored the surging enthusiasm for renewable energy. Building the actual wind farms will take much more investment, with a $10 billion price tag for some of the biggest projects. By 2030 total capital expenditures to achieve the country’s offshore wind targets could total some $100 billion according to one estimate that has been cited by the US Department of Energy.

All that money, the $100 billion and more, much much much more, is given favorable tax status and is underwritten by the taxpayer. It is nearly impossible to track how much money has already been spent on "green" subsidies for energy, since when you start to search, links are broken over and over again.

The environmental industry has built a massive PR structure, administrative and governmental, that has supercharged alarm over "climate change." No debate has ever been held as to whether "climate change" is happening. Wind and solar have crippled the energy supply of every country that has instituted them, Germany’s Energiewende has suffered a whirlwind of unintended consequences, people stripping the forests for fuel, their industrial base failing to keep operating. In Germany people are paying double for heat and fuel compared to 20 years ago -- and it wasn't cheap then.

The environmental movement is a failure on its own terms. By not allowing dissent, by refusing argument on any of its issues, it is destroying what it claims it set out to save. As William Happer says, "climate change" has not received the kind of vetting that the American Army typically does for a new jet fighter. And we are basing the future of humankind upon its reality. While prominent scientist after scientist declares its so-called danger is a fiction.

The very worst people among us have risen to power on the back of this fraud. Right in front of us, they are destroying the poor and weak, denying opportunity and growth to the least advantaged, while they ride around on private jets, with PR flacks protecting their shriven souls. No wonder people think they drink the blood of babies. Metaphorically, they do.

Elizabeth Nickson was trained as a reporter at the London bureau of Time Magazine. She became European Bureau Chief of LIFE magazine in its last years of monthly publication, and during that time, acquired the rights to Nelson Mandela’s memoir before he was released from Robben Island. She went on to write for Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Telegraph, the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Her first book The Monkey Puzzle Tree was an investigation of the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and was published by Bloomsbury and Knopf Canada. Her next book, Eco-Fascists, How Radical Environmentalists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage, was a look at how environmentalism, badly practiced, is destroying the rural economy and rural culture in the U.S. and all over the world. It was published by Adam Bellow at Harper Collins US. You can subscribe to her Substack at


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2 comments on “The 'Green' Movement: Endemic Sorrow and Permanent Fear”

  1. So have Sea and Shorebirds and the Whales become sacriafical Offerings to the false gods of Global Warming/Climate Change?

  2. Challenging the technology alone is insufficient; the Green ideology itself must be challenged. The most powerful players behind the climate cult are Malthusians, in some cases Malthusian Eugenicists. To debate them successfully one must understand their code-speak:

    *Net Zero CO2 by 2050 = zero net western population growth by 2050.
    *Limit global temperature increase to 2.0 degrees by the end of the century = limit global birth rate to no more than 2 offspring per woman by 2100.
    *Rising sea levels will impact coastal communities = rising tide of economic migrants will overwhelm the developed economies.
    *Rising temperatures = Price inflation related to resource scarcity and depletion.
    *Increase in extreme weather = Increase in political violence and war on an over populated planet competing for limited space and resources.
    *End of fossil fuels = end of the human “fertilizer” that has made the human population “imbalance” possible.
    *Renewable energy = any energy source that, practically speaking, cannot sustain the global population above 1 billion by arbitrary agreement.
    *Global warming denier = Anyone who rejects the Malthusian or Club of Rome thesis that humans are deterministicly doomed to extinction through resource depletion and over population.
    *Reproductive “rights”/Sexual fluidity/Transgenderism = Population control strategies to promote contraception and/or a conceptual misunderstanding of sexuality such that the individual’s propensity to establish normal sexual relationships with the opposite sex and reproduce is greatly diminished.
    *Nitrogen pollution (as nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and nitrogen oxides) = Agricultural fertilizer source for amino acid (protein) synthesis in plants and, ultimately, grazing stocks necessary for human life and growth.
    *Carbon pollution = Atmospheric carbon dioxide necessary for forming carbohydrates, the overwhelming source of caloric nutrition for humans.
    * Climate Accords = International agreements on lower and middle class population control strategies.
    *Climate-induced species disruption = Loss of wildlife habitat due to human population increase.

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