THE COLUMN: Hoax of the Millennium

Michael Walsh05 Jun, 2023 6 Min Read
Reject the evil of "climate change" and celebrate the joy of life on earth.

Today, and each day for the next two weeks, will address the issue of "climate change," which like Covid-19 and "Russian collusion," is one of the great hoaxes of the modern era, maliciously concocted out of whole cloth by people who mean to harm western civilization and using the cudgel of "compassion" and "concern" with which to do it. Of the three, the "climate change" hoax, which threatens the foundations of civilized life, is by far the most inimical. Please follow our series as we debunk the claims made by the apocalypticists and their media allies.

To begin: the climate is always changing. Only an illiterate or a fool cannot understand this elementary concept. There is no need to delve into any scientific studies based on wildly or deliberately inaccurate computer "models" to know this. There is no need to be emotionally stampeded by tiresome, and always wrong, Jeremiahs of doom like Paul Ehrlich. There is no truth in the statistical manipulation that proclaims a full 97 percent of "climate scientists" agree that changes in the climate are the work of mankind. You don't have to worry about carbon emissions. The Last Days are not upon us.

Worked for a while, until it didn't.

Yet. But the "climate movement" bids fair to undo everything Western man has accomplished in the fields of science, technology, and religion and replace it with a savage new primitivism that is both inhuman and godless. It relies on the patina of science to promote a culture based on fear and guilt, with the goal of reducing and taming the human population under the aegis of a small group of self-appointed bonzes.

Our writers will tackle this topic and more in the coming fortnight, but one thing is clear: you are being lied to on a massive scale by a quasi-Marxist mass-suicide cult -- think Jonestown on a global scale -- in order that you lower your standard of living, rid yourself of all earthly possessions, abandon your expectations for the future, stop having children, cease all consumption, and disappear from planet Earth.

There are many reasons for the rise and ascendancy of this contemptible sect, including the demise of the educational system, the return of superstition, the prolonged assault via some form or variant of Critical Theory upon all the institutions of Western civilization and, now, upon the essence of that civilization itself. Such "theory" teaches that property is theft, profit is exploitation, consumption is rapine, and the nuclear family is a form of oppression: everything must be questioned, attacked, and destroyed. Western civilization is, in their eyes, the ultimate expression of "white supremacy," and therefore must be liquidated.

The decline of traditional Christianity, the cornerstone of the European-American West, has gone hand in hand with the rise of its prospective replacement, a perverted and obscene form of dictatorial nature worship, which has induced an entirely unnecessary guilt trip over real and imagined sins against other cultures that now use their very lack of achievements in the sciences and the arts as a j'accuse against the West. That would be the very same West that has provided them with access to technology, medicine, transportation, and the philosophy of Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment as well as the Judeo-Christian bible that has -- imperfectly to be sure -- guided man's behavior for nearly three millennia.

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It is imperative that we break the stranglehold this new form of demonic possession now has on our society. "Demonic" is not too strong a word. In Holland, the leftist government is attempting to forcibly seize farmers' land in order to take it out of food production to appease this new Moloch. Meanwhile in Ireland its government of mediocrities has been captured by the Green Party, which now holds all its important ministries, and has decreed that some 200,000 heads of cattle be culled in order to meet its "mandated" emissions targets -- a report that instantly made the poor beleaguered country a laughingstock around the world, and from which Éire now seems to be backing away. The fact that, historically, cattle have been integral to the country's sense of itself -- viz. the epic poem, Táin bó Cuailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley), which dates from the seventh century A.D. -- and was the standard by which wealth was measured means nothing to the Eurocrats in Dublin who function at Brussels' behest. Expect more of the same across Europe, which even now is struggling with soaring energy costs and reduced access to dependable sources of power.

The cattle of Ireland salute the Greens.

The bugbear du jour is "emissions," a nebulous, one-size-scares-all excuse imposing an otherwise clearly insane policy on a body politic that has never once voted to starve itself to death. Our feminized culture has been so browbeaten by the Left's shameless propaganda that the very sight of a wisp of smoke or the hint of a fart now gives a manipulated populace the vapors. Worst of all are "carbon emissions," which have been dishonestly linked to "climate change" and have created a perfect storm of panic and fear among the gullible.

Here is the truth, which instantly gives the lie to every claim made by the "climate crisis" crew: we ourselves are carbon-based life forms. Indeed, life is impossible without carbon:

Carbon is the graphite in our pencils, the diamond in our rings, the oil in our cars, the sugar in our coffee, the DNA in our cells, the air in our lungs, the food on our plates, the cattle in our fields, the forest in our parks, the cement in our sidewalks, the steel in our skyscrapers, the charcoal in our grills, the fizz in our sodas, the foam in our fire extinguishers, the ink in our pens, the plastic in our toys, the wood in our chairs, the leather in our jackets, the battery in our cars, the rubber in our tires, the coal in our power plants, the nano in our nanotechnology, and the life in our soils.

Carbon is life. It exists in every organic life form. Life is impossible without it. When combined with water, it forms sugars, fats, alcohols, and terpenes. When combined with nitrogen and sulfur, it forms amino acids, antibiotics, and alkaloids. With the addition of phosphorus, it forms DNA and RNA, the essential codes of life, as well as ATP, the critical energy-transfer molecule found in all living cells. The carbon atom is the essential building block of life. Every part of your body is made up of chains of carbon atoms, which is why we are known as "carbon-based life-forms." Chemically, we're just a bunch of inert compounds. What breathes life into us? The answer is the relationship between the molecules of energy and nutrients, fueled by carbon and water.

No, it's not.

Carbon, to put a theological point on it, is the breath of God that animated the clay of Adam and turned him into a man. To attack "carbon" as an evil is to attack yourself; to eliminate carbon is to eliminate humanity. And make no mistake: this is precisely the goal of the "climate-change" movement. 

  • There is nothing urgent about "climate change." The earth will continue to warm and cool until the day the Sun dies.
  • Nothing bad will happen in either the short- or long-term if global temperatures rise by two degrees centigrade, the arbitrary figure of alarm for the cultists. Indeed, a slight warming will help all of humanity.
  • Many of the people promoting the panic emerge from the malign precincts of the World Economic Forum which, under its Bond villain-in-chief, Klaus Schwab, is dedicated to the impoverishment and reduction of the human population. These are the same people who gave you the recent Covid hugger-mugger, which needlessly atomized the world's economies and illegally locked down whole populations while cowering from a bug of next-to-zero lethality in the general population.
  • When you have "net-zero" emissions, you are dead.

There is a word for what is happening. Evil. And evil is never to be combated idly or half-halfheartedly but with the force of one's strength, mind, and body, fueled by the now-derided virtue of righteous anger. Which is to say: hatred. As I wrote in my 2015 book, The Devil's Pleasure Palace:

At multiple moments in our lives, we are forced to choose between good and evil – indeed, we are forced to define, or provisionally redefine, both terms, and then choose.

The terms have been defined. The battle is joined. You are hereby called to arms.

Michael Walsh is a journalist, author, and screenwriter. He was for 16 years the music critic and a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine. His works include the novels As Time Goes By, And All the Saints, and the bestselling “Devlin” series of NSA thrillers; as well as the nonfiction bestseller, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace and its sequel, The Fiery Angel. Last Stands, a study of military history from the Greeks to the present, was published by St. Martin's Press in December 2019. He is also the editor of Against the Great Reset: 18 Theses Contra the New World Order, published on Oct. 18, 2022. Follow him on Twitter: @theAmanuensis


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17 comments on “THE COLUMN: Hoax of the Millennium”

  1. I’m 80 years old, my 8th grade Science teacher said re: Weather “ The Poles are Changing, I doubt you’ll see it in your lifetime but they will change”
    The Liberals are brainwashed and brainwashing our children!!!

  2. I fear it's too late for a meaningful recovery to occur. Man-made climate change is
    essentially a hoax, however, the drilling that children worldwide have been subjected
    to, will cause that false narrative to supersede reality and logic. Evil is the perfect
    description for the power hungry charlatans who have brought humankind to this place.

  3. An extremely interesting thought provoking piece. I'm looking forward to future installments. I'm not fully on board with some of the hyperbole, but supportive of the general thrust.

  4. More than a 'hoax', the Climate movement is a Popular Delusion, like belief in Witchcraft or the Philosopher's Stone in centuries past. To be successful, a hoax has to be made an article of belief. 'Belief' is for theology, not science. Scientists are as prone to ideology as any other human; witness Lysenkoism in the old Soviet Union.

    The Climate Delusion got its start in the 1970s, as globalists like Maurice Strong and Margaret Mead looked around for a 'cause' that would require a world-wide solution, a new kind of 'global governance' (as Algore called it), and they settled on. . . the Atmosphere, which touches every nation, every human being. But the edifice needed 'scientific' scaffolding, and 'greenhouse gas' speculation proved promising. With the end of the 'global cooling' scare, they were off to the 'global warming' races, leading to the creation of the UN IPCC for 'climate research', and the invention of Michael Mann's factitious 'hockey stick' (which attempted to hide the Medieval Warm Period, among other fallacies).

    The 'Climategate' email scandal of 2009 made it quite clear that a 'right-thinking' coterie of 'climate scientists' were actively creating a theological discipline that brooked no argument, not in journals, not in academic climatology, and not in the media. One or two members were censured, but the scandal was whitewashed, and the Delusion emerged triumphant, changing its name to 'Climate Change', and branding all skeptics as 'Deniers' (i.e. heretics). Today its adherents parade in the streets to demonstrate their fealty to the cause, and enshrine a well-trained young girl as a symbolic leader of the movement, enticing hordes of gullible youth to follow. Soon they too will be parading in sackcloth and ashes, to demonstrate their abnegation and devotion to 'Fighting Climate Change'.

    I look forward to more of this Pipeline series. Unless we can put the Climate Delusion into the ashcan with other Popular Delusions of the past, America as we know it, and all of Western Civilization, will be singing their swansongs as they descend into energy poverty and Collectivist misery.

    1. In 1963 Edward Lorenz published "Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow" showing distant future states of a Navier-Stokes system can not be predicted from past data with confidence. Navier Stokes differential equations describe fluid flow with changes in temperature and density. Anyone who pretends to predict distant states of the atmosphere is either incompetent or a fraud, or both.

  5. Follow the money. There is insufficient opportunity for graft in the traditional carbon energy markets. Emerging markets for solar and wind are better opportunities for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to profit from friendly deals and cushy arrangements with newly minted insiders.

  6. As a now retired litigator who worked on his craft for 50 years, my training and experience told me to rely on the evidence as opposed to opinions when it came to any issue. Thus I became a skeptic regarding aplitic climate change, given that the data does not support the theory. Richard Feynman, the great Nobel physicist said more eloquently than me that if the theory was not supported by the data or experiment then it wasn't worth spit. Even NOAA's own data from its most accurate system of land based temperature measuring devices , USCRN, established in 2005 reflect no warming of any consequence in the USA from then until the present day.

  7. The first scientific paper hinting at what we now call the greenhouse effect was published in 1824. Yes, nearly 200 years ago. An experiment showing CO2 was a key greenhouse gas was demonstrated at a scientific event by Mrs Eunice Foote in 1856.

    Svante Arrhenius published the first calculation of global warming from human emissions of CO2 in 1897. He'd started off investigating how changes in CO2 could be connected to ice ages.

    Climate research comes from geology, geophysics, geochemistry, palaeontology, oceanography, atmospheric physics, meteorology, glaciology, etc etc etc. Hundreds of thousands of scientific papers, over decade after decade, since the 19th century. It's not some fringe thing from a handful of scientists.

    1. What you state in your first comment is irrelevant to the claimed crisis and emergency we are being told we must surrender our freedoms, livelihoods and autonomy to. The basic physics are understood to a point. The long term interactions, forcings, workings and outcomes of the entire, immensely complicated climate system are barely rudimentarily understood. What little data we do have demonstrate that the 1.1 degree of warming they say we have experienced of the 1.5 degrees they claim we must not exceed have been not only not catastrophic but almost entirely beneficial to humans and the planet.

      Your second comment begs the question by assuming the current "consensus" is any more accurate than the thousands of previous scientific consensuses which proved to be utterly false.
      200 years ago every scientific association on earth would have agreed Newtonian physics was correct at all levels.
      100 years ago every geological association on earth would have agreed that the continents were static and unchanging.
      100 years ago the consensus was that the universe existed in a steady state.
      The conceit of every age is those that went before were dopes who got it all wrong, but we're different and while we might not have it all figured out, what we do think we know is spot on. And the next one will think the same thing about us when we're gone.
      Posthumous humility is useless humility.

    2. I'm a PhD physicist. Back in 1990 my experimental physics professors at Princeton scoffed at human-driven climate change, as the effect's uncertainty was swamped by natural variation; it failed basic error analysis. In the 2000s my physicist colleagues at MIT scoffed at it as well -- we modeled infrared absorption in the atmosphere for laser weapon simulations and CO2 is ridiculously weak as an absorber, and the energy band it absorbs is nearly already completely saturated (i.e. more CO2 has very little extra energy to absorb). Water vapor (humidity) is the real effect, so climate scammers make up a linkage between CO2 and water vapor -- but their predictions and models have all failed to match reality for 20 years. I've done code validations for a living; this fails utterly.
      I watched Al Gore's movie. It's cleverly-designed propaganda done to a formula, but I saw all his tricks: showing you only part of a graph, or starting the vertical axis somewhere other than zero, or juxtaposing emotional imagery that doesn't really support the argument. Don't be fooled!
      I've also seen the vicious cycle of how a few strong personalities can dominate a niche scientific area, and by gatekeeping grants and publications (which are the career paths to success), control the scientific narrative for far longer than is rational.
      I've followed this for 30 years and it's complete nonsense. The "consensus" comes from politicians and scientists in political roles, who want money and power.

  8. The current scientific understanding of climate change (as summarised in IPCC reports) is accepted by every professional association of scientists on Earth - in every field of science, in every country where research science is done. Over 200 academies, including chemists, physicists, geologists, etc etc.

    Those associations represent the global scientific community of around 9 million research scientists.

    1. With all due respect, scientific "associations" (just like every other professional "association") exist to promote their group and do so by taking whatever means necessary to secure funding. The sheer amount of global funding being funneled toward "green" or "renewable" energy is staggering, with every professional "association" grabbing as much of it as possible and spending it as quick as they can. I imagine that if one of these associations did not support the IPCC and their very dubious assertions (by re-writing climate history as well as continuing to use worst-case climate scenarios) they would go broke. Scientists are people too, capable of being corrupted by wealth.

    2. Hi Rocky,
      So your cousin Tyrannosaurus slid into my DMs to tell me that he and his pack are hurting because declining CO2 levels be killin! Ferns need to be 30 Feet high, or he has to bend over too much to eat and it is thrashing his lower back. He had to drop because everybody’s heading to the top of the mountain to look at some bright, shiny thing heading towards the planet.

      “ If you’re at the table and you don’t know what’s for dinner, you are on the menu.”
      Climate crazies are, indeed, trying to “save the planet“ but but they’re not saving it for you - instead, they’re killing you to save it for themselves.
      It's been going on since the dawn of man. From the 1920s:
      "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary."
      — H.L. Mencken, In Defense Of Women

  9. All so true. But they have brainwashed our children since the Marxists have controlled the academe for at least two generations if not longer. I asked my brilliant 10 yo grandson what he feared most. You guessed it, climate change. How to change the narrative?

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