Schooling the Cop28 'Climate Czar'

David Cavena07 Dec, 2023 2 Min Read
Is he as dumb as he looks? Or dumber?

Among the supposedly debunked “conspiracy theories” is the idea that the globalists are intent on global depopulation. Let’s go to the horse’s mouth, Mr. John Kerry, President Biden’s “U. S. Special Envoy for Climate,” which makes sense as he's made up almost entirely of hot air. Kerry expounds on the need to drastically reduce the earth’s agricultural output to "save the planet." We are at a loss as to who is to be saved, but we certainly can agree that he and his fellow polluting jet-setters will remain among the well-fed anointed:

Agriculture contributes about 33 percent of all the emissions of the world. And we can’t get to net-zero — we don’t get this job done — unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. You just can’t continue to both warm the planet, while also expecting to feed it. It doesn’t work. So we have to reduce emissions from the food system.

Chew on that. We must reduce agriculture, drastically, in order to get to net-zero. But... humans need food to survive, so how is this supposed to work? So, peasants, choose between freezing to death or starving to death. Still believe global depopulation is a “conspiracy theory?”

Perhaps Kerry missed science class, because as a matter of fact, heat and carbon dioxide are actually good for agriculture. The Medieval Warm Period, in fact, resulted in much more arable land, the opposite of his entire contention. Here's a short summation from the Japan Times:

Scientists don’t know exactly what caused the Medieval Warm Period, which lasted from about 800 to 1400, though they agree it was the result of natural fluctuations in Earth’s climate… Throughout northern Europe, grazing lands and farms spread northward and up mountains, into the once-forbidding islands of Iceland and Greenland.

Dutch farmers get it.

Since a warmer planet is more productive of agriculture, not less, food is grown in temperate regions and not Greenland. This also is why scientists investigating the possibility of potentially life-supporting planets in our galaxy look specifically for what they call “superhabitable” planets, which are earth-like in many ways, but whose average temperatures are around five degrees warmer than ours:

Thus, higher temperatures than currently existing on Earth seem to be more favorable…  a slightly higher temperature, perhaps by 5°C—similar to that of the early Carboniferous time period—would provide more habitable conditions.

Maybe Kerry's just dumb, but he can't be this dumb. It's got to be intentional. Makes you wonder why the similarly inclined environmentalist, Bill Gates, has become the largest private owner of farmland in America, or why the E.U. is confiscating some of its most productive farmland. Or maybe we already have our answer.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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2 comments on “Schooling the Cop28 'Climate Czar'”

  1. Adapted from an X post I saw this morning:

    Q: Why don't these people hold climate meetings on Zoom instead of flying everywhere by private jet?
    A (from James Woods): Because they don't serve caviar and bags of cash at Zoom meetings.

  2. It’s hard to say what makes people tick, but a good place to start with Kerry would be comparing and contrasting the circumstances of his youth and extended family with those of none other than Karl Marx. Not to spoil the ending, but there are more comparisons to be made than contrasts.

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