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Buck Throckmorton23 May, 2024 4 Min Read
Brought to you by heirs of Walt Disney and J. Paul Getty.

A shadowy organization named “Just Stop Oil” keeps making headlines because of the public vandalism and street crime it supports. These include throwing soup on Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” painting, pasting themselves to a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” gluing themselves to German airport runways, blocking vehicular traffic, and most recently, trying to sledgehammer an original copy of the Magna Carta.

These stories provide the headlines the gang wants people to read, because they highlight the “seriousness” of their radical environmentalist cause, with selfless activists willing to be arrested for engaging in “peaceful” civil disobedience that brings attention to their apocalyptic climate cult. But Just Stop Oil and its affiliates are not peaceful, nor are their actions civil. Along with its parent organization, the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), Just Stop Oil is an organization committed to criminal activity, and it has several sister organizations under the CEF umbrella that have engaged in overt violence, including eco-terrorism.

So who is funding Just Stop Oil and the Climate Emergency Fund? Its wealthy left-wing, female legacy benefactors include Rory Kennedy (daughter of the late Robert Kennedy), Abigail Disney, and co-founder oil heiress Aileen Getty, among others. From a 2022 NPR story, "Who is Just Stop Oil, the group that threw soup on Van Gogh's painting?":

Most of the money for its operations comes from the Climate Emergency Fund, based in Los Angeles, which began with a foundational grant of $500,000 from Getty Oil heiress Aileen Getty. Filmmaker Adam McKay made a $4 million contribution and joined its board of directors last month.

Other stories about Ms. Getty and her involvement indicate that her donations are now in the seven-figures. The Climate Emergency Fund’s own website offers this description of the organization, which was founded in 2019.

“Climate Emergency Fund was formed as a bridge between philanthropy and climate activism. As a non-endowed fund, Climate Emergency Fund relies on donors to raise the funds which Climate Emergency Fund then strategically deploys to activist groups that utilize disruptive protest and demand transformative as opposed to incremental change. Climate Emergency Fund's grants provide support for essential and lawful aspects of the climate movement, in particular, the recruitment and training of activists.”

Aileen Getty.

Interesting. While the vandalism supported by Climate Emergency Fund and its Just Stop Oil subsidiary is certainly disruptive, it is far from “lawful.” Even worse, because CEF is a 501(c)(3) organization, it is also effectively taxpayer subsidized. Without getting pedantic about whether tax dollars are going directly to CEF, those wealthy benefactors who fund it receive tax deductions for their contributions to this eco-criminal organization. The rest of us taxpayers then have to make up for the diverted tax revenue being steered to CEF instead of to the Treasury.

Rich leftists can offset a significant portion of their tax burden by donating to Climate Emergency Fund, since up to 60 percent of a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income can be itemized as a tax deduction. The intent of awarding tax breaks to 501(c)(3)s is to support religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes. Apparently, the ruling class considers eco-vandalism to be “educational.” To be fair, however, the climate death cult certainly qualifies as a religion 0- albeit a cruel, anti-human one.

Do the wealthy benefactors of CEF and Just Stop Oil openly support those organizations’ activities? Yes and no. The illegal yet “peaceful” civil disobedience is celebrated, while the actual violence has a degree of separation allowing the benefactors to claim “no direct control.” In October 2022, Aileen Getty penned a column for The Guardian titled, "I fund climate activism – and I applaud the Van Gogh protest"

I proudly provide funding to the Climate Emergency Fund, which in turn makes grants to climate activists engaged in nonviolent legal civil disobedience, including Just Stop Oil, the group the activists represented. I do not fund these groups directly, nor do I have direct control over which specific actions climate activists choose to take.

“Extinction Rebellion” is one of the organizations receiving funding from Climate Emergency Fund. A few months ago, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion was found guilty of criminal damage for breaking windows at the Department of Transportation building in London. Per Climate Emergency Fund’s own website, it also provides funding to Germany’s “Letzte Generation” (Last Generation), an organization so radical and violent that even the German Green Party has disavowed it, as several of its members were arrested last year for plotting to sabotage an oil pipeline.

Two of the suspects arrested Wednesday are accused of planning to sabotage an oil pipeline between the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt and the Italian port of Trieste. The pipeline is deemed a critical piece of infrastructure in the southern German state. Prosecutors also confiscated accounts and secured assets during the raids and the group’s website was shut down.

Even more violent, apparently, is an organization named “Save Old Growth (Canada)” which the Climate Emergency Fund lists as a recipient of its funding. It has been very active in obstructing logging operations in the Fairy Creek area of Vancouver Island. Per Save Old Growth’s website: "the Fairy Creek Blockades involved protesters blocking access to logging roads in the Fairy Creek watershed on Vancouver Island.” It also states, “the initiatives of the Save Old Growth movement include petitions, letter-writing campaigns, and education programs.”

At Fairy Creek, the initiatives also apparently included tree-spiking, a dangerous eco-terror activity that has a history of maiming loggers whose sawblades shatter when hitting the metal spikes, necessitating an investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2022.

The RCMP say it is believed the spiked tree was intentionally placed in order to hinder forestry workers from safely conducting their operations. “This tactic to impede forestry operations is not only illegal, but is extremely dangerous,” said Chief Superintendent John Brewer, Gold Commander of the RCMP Community-Industry Response Group.

What to do? For starters. the Climate Emergency Fund should be stripped of its 501(c)(3) status, and the prosecution of crimes committed under its umbrella can no longer just target the street “activists” committing the crimes. Those funding CEF are aware of where its money goes and how it is used. Claiming not to have “direct control over which specific actions climate activists choose to take” is not a defense against the willful funding of a group that is openly and actively using those funds to engage in criminal activity.

With the extensive dossier of Climate Emergency Fund and Just Say Oil now well documented, their big-money benefactors should be subject to legal repercussions unless they suspend further funding of this international conspiracy against law-abiding citizens and businesses.

Buck Throckmorton is a writer ("co-blogger") at the Ace of Spades HQ blog. His career includes many years in banking and commercial lending, as well as a stint with an American auto manufacturer. Buck's writing often takes a critical look at electric vehicles, "green" energy, and woke capital. Twitter: @BuckThrockmort; email: buck.throckmorton@protonmail.com


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