'Net-Zero'? Just Stop Existing!

Tom Finnerty26 Aug, 2023 < 1 Min Read
Just ask the Peoples Temple parishioners.

Our opponents in the net-zero debate are generally reluctant to say what their vision for the future actually looks like in practice. Consequently, on the rare occasion when one of them lets the cat out of the bag, it is very refreshing. It is difficult to have a real debate when every word out of your interlocutor's mouth is obfuscation.

That said, you can see why they are so reluctant to give voice to their deepest desires when you see a tweet like this, from Leon Simons, a board member of the Malthusian, Greta Thunberg worshipping, degrowth-and-global-one-child-policy advocating Club of Rome:

Wow, is that all?! It's so simple! I can't imagine why the Re-Elect Biden campaign isn't passing out "Stop Heating Homes!" bumper stickers to all of his devoted environmentalist supporters.

The truth is, every single one of those net-zero sine qua nons is a deal breaker for the non-activist supermajority of Americans, Canadians, Western Europeans. Heck, the supermajority of people in the developed world and beyond. Which is why they speak in euphemisms like "net-zero," "just transition," "going green," etc.

We should be grateful to Simons for stating things clearly. And we should also fight to make his less forthright comrades say what they really mean.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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  1. Radical Eco-Freaks want Humans to go the way of the Dodo I would really rather se Eco-Freaks stranded in the Wilderness of Alaska or Canada and get a look at real wilderness not the fake find from the Sierra Club

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