Biden's Billionaire Donors Having Buyers' Remorse

Tom Finnerty07 Jul, 2022 2 Min Read
Is this thing over yet?

Joe Biden isn't good at very much, but when it comes to blame shifting, he's the world champion. Over the past several months he's argued repeatedly that the primary culprits for out-of-control oil and gas prices are first, Vladimir Putin and, second, nefarious oil executives. Neither claim was convincing, but his latest assertion is the baldest faced falsehood of all. Over Fourth of July weekend, when many Americans were hitting the road and holding cookouts (and, consequently, having to deal with the inflated cost of gas and food), the president did his best to transfer culpability to local gas stations:

This tweet is absurd. Biden's reference to "the companies running gas stations" notwithstanding, gas stations are generally owned and operated by individuals. They're Mom-and-Pop businesses, and they don't make much of a profit at all on gasoline. In fact, the gas pumps are essentially a way to draw drivers in to the real money maker, the convenience store. These are the people Biden is addressing with this thinly veiled "do it now" threat.

It is so nuts, in fact, that even liberals felt obliged to respond. Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos -- a Biden supporter it should be noted -- was one of them:

This, by the way, isn't the first time that Bezos has felt obligated to call out the president on Twitter. Back in May, Bezos mocked the idea that raising the corporate tax rate (which was cut during the Trump Administration) would solve the inflation problem.

And he further pointed out that Biden and his allies in Congress helped create these problems and then tried to make them worse:

Now, Bezos is a devoted Leftist, and there is very little chance that he supports anyone other than the Democratic nominee in the next presidential contest. But his frustration with Biden's incompetence in these tweets is palpable. And, what's more, they likely reflect an increasingly common position among America's plutocrats. Elon Musk, for instance, has already semi-endorsed Ron DeSantis.

You get what you pay for of course, but it seems as if some of Biden's billionaire backers are beginning to think he's a bum investment.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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