Biden Pledges 'No More Drilling' at Hochul Rally

Tom Finnerty08 Nov, 2022 2 Min Read
Gotcha, sucka!

During a campaign rally for New York's flailing governor, Kathy Hochul, Joe Biden reassured an environmentalist protestor in the crowd that, while he was president, there would be "no more drilling."

Now, it's possible that the president didn't realize where he was, or that his mic was live -- he actually appeared to stumble over his own shadow at one point during the rally -- but, seriously, is he not aware that his anti-resource policies, and the surging energy prices they've helped bring about, are killing his party in the polls just before an election? Things are so bad for the Dems that John Fetterman, their Far-Left senate candidate in Pennsylvania has been forced into a major flip-flop on this topic, claiming that he has always been "very supportive of fracking" after years of calling for it to be banned.

Chances are Kathy Hochul wasn't too happy about the exchange, considering the fact that she's having trouble holding off Republican challenger Lee Zeldin, who supports ending New York State's fracking ban. Fracking would deliver jobs and desperately needed tax revenues to those rural areas of New York where Hochul is struggling the most. Plus even New York's urban dwellers have had to deal with the state's restricted natural gas capacity. There have been instances where people who had their natural gas turned off during home renovations have found that their gas company won't turn it back on, due to insufficient supply.

And then there are prices. New York has some of the highest energy prices in the nation, a fact which has been aggravated by Governor Hochul's successful quest (and that of her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo) to close nuclear power plants in the state, such as Indian Point. Hopefully Biden's "no more drilling" pledge inspires more than a few fence sitters to go and vote out Hochul.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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4 comments on “Biden Pledges 'No More Drilling' at Hochul Rally”

  1. He can lie, but cannot run away from this statement.

    Apr 21, 2021 Biden : “I Guarantee You We’re Going To End Fossil Fuels”
    Billions of people depend on fossil fuels for their day to day survival. Joe Biden promised to take away what they need to survive.

  2. High heating oil prices back east? Tough - you voted for it now you'll get it good and hard. No sympathy, period.

  3. Biden's act of Treason more reasons for his Impeachment more reasons for him to face Trial for Treason

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