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Atop the sinister Magic Mountain, dread Klaus lies scheming.

Published today by Bombardier Books in conjunction with Simon and is proud to present Against the Great Reset: 18 Theses Contra the New World Order. Edited by Michael Walsh, our distinguished contributors are drawn from across the Anglosphere, and include Victor Davis Hanson, Douglas Murray, Roger Kimball, the late Angelo M. Codevilla, James Poulos, Conrad Black, Michael Anton, David P. Goldman, Janice Fiamengo, John Tierney, Harry Stein, Salvatore Babones, Martin Hutchinson, Alberto Mingardi, Jeremy Black, Richard Fernandez, and Michael Walsh.

What is the Great Reset and why should we care? What are its aspirations, prescriptions, and proscriptions, and how will it prospectively affect us? Why is the Swiss-based World Economic Forum (WEF) under Klaus Schwab advocating a complete “re-imagining” of the Western world’s social, economic, and moral structures? And why now? What are its aspirations, prescriptions, and proscriptions, and how will it prospectively affect us?

Weighty historical issues are often best debated promptly, when something can yet be done about them; in the meantime, historians of the future can at least understand the issues as the participants themselves saw and experienced them. Whether the formerly free world of the Western democracies will succumb to the paternalistic totalitarianism of the oligarchical Resetters remains to be seen. But this is our attempt to stop it.

Please join us in our crusade.

Against the Great Reset

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With governments around the world still refusing to entirely let go of some Covid-19 restrictions on liberty, we herewith present an excerpt from "The Shape of Things to Come: the Tyranny of Covid-19" by John Tierney:

The Great Resetters have got one thing right in their manifesto at the World Economic Forum: the Covid-19 pandemic has indeed provided a “unique window of opportunity,” although not the kind of window they have in mind. They mean it’s a chance to “build a new social contract,” entrusting the governance of society to globalists and technocrats blessed with “vision and vast expertise”—i.e., themselves. But before we sign away our future to them, we should consider what they’ve done, and the pandemic offers us a unique window into the world they wish to create.

They have used Covid to conduct a trial run of the Great Reset. It has been the most radical public health experiment in history, conducted on the entire population by scientists and bureaucrats granted unprecedented authority to deploy their “vast expertise.” At the start of the pandemic, even Dr. Anthony Fauci doubted that Americans would submit to a lockdown like China’s. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s long-standing plan for dealing with a pandemic didn’t recommend mask mandates, school closures or any shutdown of businesses. But the plan was cast aside by leaders who claimed the power to close anything for as long as they deemed fit.

Their new social contract banned or restricted commerce, education, recreation, travel, dining, and meetings—even family gatherings for weddings, holidays, and funerals. The CDC became the national landlord by forbidding any tenants from being evicted. The Four Freedoms famously declared by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941 were suspended. Freedom of speech was limited on social media platforms—today’s public square—by censoring those who questioned the opinions of Fauci and his colleagues. Freedom of worship was restricted to Zoom. There was no freedom from want for those who lost their jobs and businesses, and no freedom from fear for anyone who heeded the daily doomsday pronouncements from public officials.

Americans and people throughout the world were frightened into surrendering their basic liberties, and what did they get in return? Worse than nothing. There has never been convincing evidence that lockdowns reduced Covid mortality anywhere except possibly on a few islands and in other isolated spots that sealed their borders. The places that eschewed lockdowns and mask mandates, like Florida and Sweden, did better than their locked-down peers in preventing Covid deaths over the course of the pandemic. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the lockdowns have caused large numbers of excess deaths from other causes and will likely prove more deadly than the coronavirus because of the long-term medical, social, and economic consequences.

One in three people worldwide lost a job or a business during the lockdowns, and half saw their earnings decline. Children, never at serious risk from the virus, in many places lost a year or more of school—and of normal childhood as they were confined to home or forced to stare at one another behind masks. Worldwide, the rate of hunger rose dramatically as the economic fallout of the West’s lockdowns pushed more than one hundred million people in developing countries into extreme poverty.

The one great technocratic triumph—the rapid development of Covid vaccines—was achieved by the private sector in America, the nation ritually denounced by progressives for not shackling its pharmaceutical industry with price controls (like the ones that drove the industry’s most productive researchers from Europe to America). The vaccines were subsidized by taxpayers, but they did not require rewriting the social contract. It’s clear in retrospect that there was
no need during the pandemic for any sort of reset, great or otherwise, and that the extraordinary powers granted to bureaucrats and politicians produced an unparalleled public-policy disaster. Except during wartime and possibly the Great Depression, when else has the ruling class in America inflicted so much needless suffering on the entire populace?

Schwab: "you will own nothing and be happy."

Yet the response to Covid is now being hailed as a model for dealing with climate change and the rest of the Great Resetters’ agenda. Their chutzpah would be laughable if it weren’t for their success in persuading so many people—a majority in surveys—that their mandates have been necessary and effective. If they continue to hide their mistakes from the public, they will exploit that window of opportunity to seize more power. We all need to see clearly what went wrong in their trial run—and why the Great Reset would be still worse.

The Great Reset is being sold as a bold innovation, a novel strategy employing a grab bag of emerging technologies called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But it’s not new. Strip away the Davos jargon, and the Great Reset is Plato’s dream of a philosopher king society. Intellectuals have always yearned for a world run by intellectuals, and politicians have always found reasons to give themselves more power.

The pandemic panic was the worst example yet of a phenomenon I call the Crisis Crisis: the endless series of alarms fomented by a codependency of politicians, technocrats, activists, and journalists. This crisis industry is a long-standing problem—the ruling and chattering classes have always exploited crises, real or imagined—that has worsened exponentially with cable news and the web. These fearmongers don’t need to worry about accuracy—or the damage when the panic leads to a cure that’s typically worse than the disease. By the time they’re proven wrong, their false alarms will be forgotten, and journalists will be seeking their wisdom on a new crisis... the tyranny of Covid should be a lesson in what not to do and whom not to trust.


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7 comments on “AGAINST THE GREAT RESET: 'Then Fall, Davos'”

  1. You might want to reconsider your pricing model. $16 for an e-book? Yeah, not happening.
    I was clearly interested enough to follow the link, but you lost me on the price of electrons.

  2. The elites would not have been able to perpetrate the panic-demic without our cooperation ... a cooperation induced by our society's embrace, at all levels, of the tenets of social technocracy:

    > We have put formal education and celebrity on pedestals of worship, as possessing the insight, wisdom, and virtue of superhuman deities ... while summarily dismissing wisdom presented outside those channels as not worthy of consideration or trust.

    > We have come to consider the consensus of authority, as conclusive proof of fact.

    > We also put "non-profit" status on a pedestal of worship and trust, while treating those honest enough to state their intent to profit with perpetual suspicion and the application of restraints in a manner reminiscent of Gulliver.

    > We have come to believe that rules are the answer to every problem, assuming that compliance with them removes the need to think beyond them - and deal with their failures by creating more rules to cover the exception to the rule.

    > The above has combined to establish the conventional wisdom that all of us, except the elite few on the above pedestals, are incapable and unworthy of competently managing our own lives ... and therefore you and I should be given a pass on the responsibility to make our own decisions to get through life; instead being content to just go to work, or to school, and trust The Pedestaled to make our decisions, use our resources, and dictate what you and I can and can't do from their lofty heights as though they are standing right beside us ... all in the name of establishing their definition of the "greater good" as though it is one-size-fits-all.

    Under these assumptions - benignly accepted by millions as simply the way an "advanced" civilization is to live, and is beyond question - the incentives to develop and exercise competence are highly diminished among the masses, who come to believe that they can't really rise above their situation and should just (f__k up and) trust their "betters" in grand Flounderian fashion.

    OTOH, The Pedestaled come to expect such trust and OUR SUBMISSION, regardless of their actual competence, oblivious to their own human limitations and capability for perpetrating evil upon others like a bull in a china shop.

    By this way of thinking, reinforced by The Pedestaled for decades, we have been led to sell OURSELVES short as though we're shares of GameStop, and let them establish their rule over us.

    This also has the effect of effectively unplugging most of the distributed intellect in the world from the problem-solving processes. Intellect that might not meet the standards of MENSA or rocket scientists, but combined with its proximity-informed insight is far better equipped to solve the problems around the individuals possessing it.

    Instead, we have centralized decision-making by an elite few, who come to believe that faceless, industrial approaches and economies of scale can be applied to solve problems with up to 330 million living, breathing INDIVIDUAL variables in this nation alone. That's akin to trying to text on your smartphone with a sledgehammer.

    It is this way of thinking that has opened the door to the Great Reset, and the intergenerational decline under the then-entrenched oligarchic rule that will follow.

    If we want to reverse this lemming parade we are on now and make it stick ... getting ordinary people to QUESTION the world around them, then build trust in their own insights and NOT delegate their decisions to others - even if that looks like more risk and effort for them - is essential to diminish the power of The Pedestaled and engage that distributed intellect.

    Perhaps the first question to ask ourselves is ... how can the "experts" and "leaders" you put so much trust in, ever know YOU well enough to get the answers right for YOU from the top down?

  3. Quote: "The one great technocratic triumph—the rapid development of Covid vaccines—"

    LOL, but no. According to (freshly minted multibillionaire) Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel:

    "With COVID, our team actually designed the vaccine in two days in silico. We never touched the physical virus; we never had a sample of the virus. And we did it in two days."

    Two days. Not even a simple ziplock bag is developed in two days.
    They had this sitting on their machines, ready to go at the drop of a hat. They knew. In advance.
    And let's not even talk about regulatory capture, or the countless deaths and permanent injuries caused by the so-called technocratic triumph.

    1. Because AGAINST THE GREAT RESET is a book and not a blog, the essays had to be written more than a year ago in order to make publishing deadlines.

  4. "They mean it’s a chance to “build a new social contract,” entrusting the governance of society to globalists and technocrats blessed with “vision and vast expertise”—i.e., themselves. "

    A just machine to make big decisions
    Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
    We'll be clean when their work is done
    We'll be eternally free, yes, and eternally young
    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    --Donald Fagen, "I.G.Y." (1982)

    It was satire forty years ago. It's not so funny now.

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