'You'll Own Nothing'—and Like It. Or Will You?

David Solway05 Aug, 2022 5 Min Read
The Great Dictator.

The much-circulated slogan “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” was coined by Danish MP Ida Auken in 2016 and included in a 2016 essay published by the purveyors of the so-called “Great Reset” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) headquartered in Davos, Switzerland. It is, of course, only half true. Nonetheless, the phrase is certainly apt and should be taken seriously. For once the Great Reset has been put in place, we will indeed own nothing except our compelled compliance.

The world’s farmers and cattle raisers, deprived of their livelihoods on the pretext of reducing nitrogenic fertilizers and livestock-produced methane, will own next to nothing. Meat and grain will become increasingly rare and we will be dining on cricket goulash and mealworm mash, an entomorphagic feast. We will be driving distance-limited electric vehicles rented from the local Commissariat and digitally monitored by Cyber Central—assuming we will still be allowed to drive. Overseen by a cadre of empowered financial managers who can “freeze” our assets at any time, we will possess bank accounts and credit ratings, but they will not be really ours. 

Subject to a conceptual misnomer that is nothing but a vacuous abstraction, we will have become “stakeholders”—the WEF’s Klaus Schwab’s favorite word—with no real stake to hold apart from a crutch. In fact, what Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” really means, as Andrew Stuttaford explains at Capital Matters, is “transferring the power that capitalism should confer from its owners and into the hands of those who administer it.” 

Beware the Magic Mountain.

Should the Great Reset ever be fully implemented, we will have been diminished, as Joel Kotkin cogently argues in The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, to the condition of medieval serfs, or reduced to the status of febrile invalids, like those in Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, which, as it happens, was also set in Davos. As Mann ends his novel, addressing his main character Hans Castorp: “Farewell, Hans…Your chances are not good. The wicked dance in which you are caught up will last many a little sinful year yet, and we will not wager much that you will come out whole.”

Modern-day Castorps, we will indeed own nothing, and most assuredly, we will not be happy. As Schwab writes in his co-authored Covid-19: The Great Reset, people will have to accept “limited consumption,” “responsible eating,” and, on the whole, sacrificing “what we do not need”—this latter to be determined by our betters.

What strikes me with considerable force is the pervasive indifference or cultivated ignorance of the general population respecting what the Davos cabal has in store for them. A substantial number of people have never heard of it. Others regard it as just another internet conspiracy—though it is not so much a conspiracy since it is being organized in full sight. The majority of “fact-checkers” and hireling intellectuals wave it away as a right-wing delusion.

Others I have spoken to simply cannot grasp the enormity of so vast, diabolical, and methodically orchestrated a scheme. “Surely, you’re joking,” my neighbor said to me. I was tempted to parrot Leslie Nielsen’s snappy one-liner, “Don’t call me Shirley,” as a correlative idiocy. The general state of public stupefaction and complacency is precisely what may ensure the success of what is nothing less than a social apocalypse, epically scalable and coercively networked by an unholy alliance between government, corporations, NGOs, academia, techno-elites and a coterie of the world’s billionaires. It is real. “It matters,” writes Ben Sixsmith at The Spectator World, “that some of the world’s richest and most powerful people are so interested in ‘resetting’ the way we live.”

The evidence is everywhere though the majority refuse to recognize it: one pandemic and variant after another, strictly on schedule: Covid, Omicron BA.4, BA.5, Monkeypox, Bird Flu, with more to come; vaccines whose deadly consequences are legion; the creation of a new category of political prisoners; climate alarmism presaging the end of mankind—an extinction which is continually deferred; the systematic suppression of civil rights and Constitutional guarantees; supply-chain disruptions; currency deflation and its result, rampant inflation; ballooning taxes of every shape and form: gas taxes, equity taxes, capital gains taxes, carbon taxes; and the growing campaign against energy and food, the essentials of life and prosperity, leading to the culling of the world’s population—we have the Malthusian word of Bill Gates on that.

Taken together, this is the Reset idea in a nutshell, a dystopian blueprint whose effect will be devastating, and which most people remain blind to. It is sometimes the glaringly obvious that is most obscure, the onset of a tectonic shift dismissed as a mere tremor, until it is too late to prepare and react. 

Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, represents an interesting case in the ongoing debate over the nature of the Great Reset. Often condemned by skeptics as a vigorous promoter of the movement, he appears to be more of a Cassandra prophetically surveying the evolution of our political, economic and technological future, which, he believes, may well be unstoppable. He suspects that artificial intelligence (AI) and the algorithmic revolution will generate a “global useless class.” Disruptive technologies,” he says in a New York Times interview, “which have helped bring enormous progress, could be disastrous if they get out of hand.” These new technologies “could hijack democracy, and even our sense of self,” which would spell the doom of “liberal democracy as we have known it for the last century.”

Harari is often closely associated with Schwab, but his predictions should be taken in—not out of—context, as an insightful foray into what is looming on the horizon, for better or worse. In referring to “hackable humans,” he is not advocating for but warning against how the new technologies, such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Neural Evidence Aggregation Tool (NEAT) program, are envisioning the future and how, if we are not careful, they can go wrong. Harari’s warning is the content of the Great Reset’s proposed aspirations—but he seems to be misunderstood rather than heeded.

A new book, Against the Great Reset, edited by The Pipeline editor Michael Walsh and scheduled for October, would doubtlessly enlighten the crepuscular sensibilities of an apathetic and irresponsible demographic, the incipient victims of an unprecedented global upheaval. But most of the people I daily meet at their trades, and enter into conversation with, do not read anything apart from the agitprop drivel of the mainstream press. Even so, such a volume, featuring many of our most prestigious scholars, needs to be “out there” as a curator of ideas. One never knows. It may change some minds among the literate and nudge the news cycle, at least to some extent, in the direction of sanity.

The only event, however, that I can see radically forestalling what has begun to seem inevitable would be the total collapse of the economies, traditional pursuits, communal trust in national leadership, and, in effect, the  structural cohesion of nations, as in Sri Lanka, Argentina, and possibly Holland and Canada in the approximate future. Such convulsions may serve to rouse the masses. Otherwise, we may be inviting a fait accompli. Barring the unforeseen, one thing is certain. The oligarchs and poser-brokers who are busy installing the insidious measures and manorial provisions of the Great Reset, should they succeed in their plans, will have much to look forward to. They will own everything, and they will be happy. Very happy.

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in spring 2018. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in spring 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain, on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture.


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16 comments on “'You'll Own Nothing'—and Like It. Or Will You?”

  1. Gryphon: I wish that was true. I think they do understand what will still be required and how they will keep those things going, at least where needed. If you understand Agenda 21/30 and a world population less than 500 million, you will see that only nuclear plants, airports, food processing plants, etc are needed only where the Lordships establish their resorts. The rest will be servants and caretakers occupied meeting the necessities of their Lordships from somewhere on the other side of their moat. There will be no shopping centers, hospitals, or anything you think of as required today. That is Scwab's heaven on earth. How do they get us there? We learned from the pandemic that governments in the major countries have enforcers at their disposal. Lots of them. Anyone that resists will be taken to a re-education camp or killed. You know what's happening in America and it will not be long before folks are rounded up in mass. Military are already training to shoot civilians. A few small EMTs will be set off in selected areas to disable entire sectors after underground bolstering of their own needs have been met...

  2. Where the Schemes of these banksters like Schwab and Schwartz will Fail, Hard, is that None of them understand Infrastructure at a Granular Level. They sit around making Plans and Giving Orders to their Minions, (politicians) who in turn attempt to Control the People, and 'order' them to 'Produce'. Things like the Data Centers and Networks that they believe will allow "Total Information Awareness" (look that military project up) and a Technotronic Dictatorship over all the Goyim.

    Where it all Fails is the Fact that the entire "Control Grid" that they depend on is Created and Maintained and Run by, a rather small Minority of mostly White Men. Because none of the "Parasite Class" has ever done any actual 'Work' in their entire miserable lives, they have No Conception of the necessary Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities it takes to do just about Anything within a Modern Civilization.

    Once they have caused sufficient "Chaos" in their quest for "Order" the very Structures they depend upon for "Control" will crumble out from under their Feet. Once the Chaos overtakes the Ability (and interest) of the Productive People to keep the Lights on and the entire vast "Supply Chains" running, there will be No One "Obeying Orders" of the Parasite Class, and No Way for them to either Incentivize or Threaten the Productive to "Produce" for them. Then it all falls down, and No One will care what the 'government', never mind what the "Schwabs" have to Say.

    I believe that the whole Mindset of the Parasite Class comes from the past History of those with a little bit of 'Money' being able to Starve enough Serfs to make the rest of them 'Comply'. The Problem now is, the 'serfs' are Too Intelligent, Too Knowledgeable, and Too Heavily Armed, to fall for it again. And the Parasites are Too Dependent on a Technically Advanced Society to Survive without it.

  3. How could the government ruthlessly abandon Canada?
    Email to: All Federal Ministers, Provincial Premiers, Senators and others

    All and each one of yours,

    The slippage of democracy into tyranny.

    "It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance."
    ~ Thomas Sowell

    But it’s more compelling than ignorance; it’s knowingly deliberate and criminal. The wanton destruction of Canadians through de-industrialization, de-population and what-have-you that Trudeau - and by extension, Singh, Blanchet, some provincial premiers, Bank of Canada, the media - is a prime achiever for Karl Schwab, the global beast of prey. Treating Canadians as cattle, and world parasites disposing of humans like lab rats.

    A publicly-funded cabal government designed to hurt and eradicate compatriots. A genocide! When the PM appears pathetic, it is plain tragic because he is the PM and his tragedy is also the nation and our humiliation. It boggles the mind how so many of you ‘honourable’ could be coerced or willingly complicit with a known criminal street punk, either by cowardice or indifference, which includes the PCO architects who formulate the malignant little führer’s draconian policies. The narcissist is capable of showing extreme delight in the misery of people.

    The litany of political fiascos and scandals needs no reminder. But, to re-iterate a few: Eroding the supply chain crucial to the survival of the population; poorly manage the flow of smothering mass immigration responsibly, creating more economic negative pressure in this already highly indebted country; climate change misrepresentations with lies and devious policies stealing money from taxpayers with ridiculous carbon taxes; deceptively curtailing people's movement, freedoms and rights; crippling the energy sector, farming, etc. Why would anyone, never mind supposedly responsible elected community representatives, in their right mind be so callous as to prevent countrymen and women from putting food on their table and avoid perpetual misery? Cruel insanity!

    What is your plan for the Fall? More of the same with ridiculously psychotic vindictive covid policies! Pandemic/migration/famine formula, lethal jabs and lockdown incubators! Who among you will finally be ethical to rise, collectively perhaps, to the status of Honourable, genuinely?

    You have manipulated a Canadian public that is too blind, passive, or timid to stand up to its now authoritarian government. So, the satisfaction of feeling superior to the Americans is a pleasure lost to the past. Canada is no longer safer, nicer, and more civilized than America. Canada has gone wrong under the thrall of an authoritarian despotism and has become a nasty, sad country.

    It’s disheartening that supposedly such professionals as government ministers and senior bureaucrats have transformed into Canada's highest threats. Despotic regimes in the 20th century murdered about 100,000,000 people (all non-combatants). People paving the roads to all these hells had or believed they had good intentions. So, if good intentions paved the road to a terrible world, how should we pave the road to a beautiful world? WISDOM, individual soul-searching especially considering the consequences of the positions you hold. Will you remain oblivious to the plight of the nation as a political crisis continues unabated? Will historical awareness and better political intentions spare Canadians from the apocalypse?

    It's so damning that your abuse of the working class is only possible because many of you still believe that ideologically possessed fools ought to govern us! There can be no political solution to a moral, philosophical, and spiritual crisis. We must return to the social standards and values that succeeded before you began making decisions for us without our consent. The results speak for themselves. The capacity for ineptitude is staggering.

    You are destroying the great nation our forefathers built. We must adhere to their standards and values if we want that nation back. They created lasting institutions that you revile to our detriment. One could not agree more, especially on their point of restoring fidelity to our once-democratic institutions. Trust in our institutions is at an all-time low across the ideological spectrum, e.g. education systems infiltrated by forced immoral sexualization of children and Islamic propaganda. Canadians have lost hope that our institutions can respond to the needs of ordinary people. That can’t surely be the way of life you’re offering your family and children, no?

    You flee any form of accountability. When challenged, you produce a litany of lies and excuses, not unlike the special interest groups that want economic equality without the effort required. What happened to morality, courage, and obeisance to traditional rules of behaviour?

    Canadians are disenfranchised. They have neither say nor trust in their governance. The people they elect to represent them represent themselves and the greedy interests of their political party. A dereliction of duty and a cynical disregard for your Oath of office to serve Canadians. Promoting a corrupt and unethical political party is not to your best ability.

    You refuse to collaborate with unbias experts to pursue your devious decision-making, e.g. deceptive vaccine mandates and lockdowns with no scientific basis. The vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history and the biggest crime ever committed on humanity with perpetrators in this country. Will you maintain the course hoping to be protected by the WEF cult? Or will you repent?

    WEF's evil initiatives happening under the cover of Covid and Trudeau's leadership here and internationally… Why aren’t you forcefully opposing Schwab's mentee in the horrendous takeover of everything Canadian and globally human with the implementation of Communism? Have you submitted to the pack of ravenous wolves while abandoning Canadians?

    Fundamentally there can’t be that many real traitors amongst you, although indifference or inaction might still constitute complicity. There are Canadians in the Prime Minister's inner circle who were born and raised outside of Canada for whom loyalty is unimportant and/or who are primarily subservient to foreign interests of concern but with the ear of the Prime Minister on decision making. Worrying!

    Canadians were once willing to give their life for what they believe this country stood for. Today, they’d give their life to protect their family from what this country has become.

    God help Canadians and their land.

    Peace, Order and Good Government

  4. men...where are THE MEN these days?
    enemies approach, yet grown up little boys cling to their tee-vees, video games, smartphones, gizmos, porn, booze, sports...all secular 'gods' which they worship and have fealty to.
    where are THE REAL MEN?

  5. Re: "And yet, "we, the people" in "our democracies" voluntarily chose the likes of Biden, Trudeau, Mark Rutte, (whoever is running Ireland at the moment), Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz, Anthony Albanese, Jacinda Ardern, and all the others of their ilk."

    "Voluntarily Chosen"? Hardly... the game has been rigged from the start against the interests of ordinary people and in favor of the plutocrats and globalists. Several of the people you list are graduates of the WEF "Young World Leaders" program, a Trojan Horse op designed to get globalist candidates past the scrutiny of voters and onto ballots in places like Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and others. There's nothing remotely democratic or above-board about any of this. The game has been rigged since the start. At some level, Klaus Schwab and his comrades know that what they are trying to do and impose is deeply hated and unpopular, which is why they are having to resort to subterfuge, trickery and assorted dirty tricks to get their program into place.

  6. @ Zorost
    Re: "They weren't chosen by regular people, they were chosen by the globalists, who then made sure they won by any means. No candidate will be allowed in the race if they aren't on board with the globalists."
    The World Economic Forum "Young World Leaders" program was intended as a Trojan Horse operation from the start, and it has worked magnificently from the standpoint of the globalists. But it does beg an important question: If globalism is so gosh-darned wonderful, how come it is being imposed by coercive methods? Shouldn't any worthwhile idea sell itself on its own merits? Yes, of course it ought to ... which in turn suggests that the oligarchs know that the program they have authored and are now attempting to implement will be met with resistance, hence the secrecy, skullduggery and underhanded methods. The reality now coming into increasingly sharp focus is that the global ruling elite has declared war on the rest of humanity, with the stakes being the whole enchilada, the world and everyone and everything in it.

  7. Hoping for a catastrophic event is no hope at all. The best chance we have is to get local power, political and otherwise, then parlay that into state and regional power. Only a polity that can raise its own military will be able to fend off what is coming. Anything else is either black-pills or cope-posting.

  8. They weren't chosen by regular people, they were chosen by the globalists, who then made sure they won by any means. No candidate will be allowed in the race if they aren't on board with the globalists.

  9. When men lose everything their rage cannot be contained. Lennon and McCartney might have been singling about Herr Schwab:
    "All good piggies , something lacking
    What they need's a damn good whacking"

  10. If you own nothing, you have no stake in anything. That's OK for teenagers and early twenties, but as people get older and have families, they need to have stake in property to stabilize their families and communities. How would you like to raise a family while all your economics are at the whim of a fool like Biden? When the gales rage, your property is your storm shelter.

  11. We are very aware of Schwab and his evil plans here in flyover country. Just look at the sales of guns and ammo, to people who are not inner city dwellers in need of defense from the Democrat criminal class. We're not buying guns and ammo to defend ourselves against gangbangers.

  12. And yet, "we, the people" in "our democracies" voluntarily chose the likes of Biden, Trudeau, Mark Rutte, (whoever is running Ireland at the moment), Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz, Anthony Albanese, Jacinda Ardern, and all the others of their ilk.

    Do not think that in a feminized world which holds that life must be all bliss, all the time, and no one should ever get her feelings hurt, that such is not enthusiastically embraced by a population that values being taken care of before being able to live for oneself.

  13. Neofeudalism ... or theocracy?

    Driven by blind faith ... and coerced compliance, compelled with a fundamentalist zeal that makes fire-and-brimstone Baptists look like loose-topped libertines out for beads at Mardi Gras ... in an elite few who see their gods in their mirrors who are to be considered omniscient, infallible, and Smarter Than You.

    Progressives have become everything they decry.

  14. I'll have the Charred Schwab with a side of Crickets au Gratin. Put a fork in the Schwab repeatedly just to make sure it's very, very well done.

  15. A very important essay which deserves wide coverage. Perhaps many, or even most people will be happy to believe the NWO propaganda, and so, by unexamined thinking and a willingness to be convinced, they will blithely enter the new hell and will be trapped there.

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