The Great Reset: Testing, Testing…

David Solway20 Aug, 2022 5 Min Read
You'll own nothing and be happy. Or else.

It is disturbing to note that the greater portion of the public do not seem to be aware of the vast ideological movement for social transformation called the Great Reset. Those who are at least partially informed consider it merely another conspiracy theory. Some among the so-called elite—the media, the academy, the political stratum—consider the Great Reset as a rational and benevolent response to the specter of overpopulation and the threat of populist uprisings. Others among the patrician class, doubtless a majority, are engaged in promoting what they know to be a concerted attempt to destabilize and supplant the long-established order of ideally democratic governance that has slowly and incrementally characterized the liberal societies of the West, dating from the Magna Carta (1215) and the Peace of Westphalia (1648) to the approximate present.

We should make no mistake about this. The revolutionary project, whether denominated as the New World Order, the U.N.’s Agenda 2030, or the Davos-centered Great Reset—different terms for essentially the same impetus—under the influential leadership of Klaus Schwab is apocalyptic in its aims. It envisages a world in which the middle-class will have been expunged, the global census markedly winnowed, and a China-like social credit system introduced in which citizens will be under constant digital surveillance determining what they are allowed to possess, rent, use or spend.

Dr. Strangelove, I presume.

Those who are skeptical that a novel and destructive global dispensation actually exists and is already being installed need only observe recent developments in the social, economic and political world we have long taken for granted as normative. Years of media censorship, tainted elections, the presumably scientifically-backed hallucination of global warming or “climate change,” and consequent government policies shrinking the Constitutional space of individual autonomy, business as usual, and entrepreneurial initiative represent the first phase of authoritarian control.

Covid may be regarded as the second stage of the grand design, as Jeffrey Tucker warns in Liberty or Lockdown, for the effacement of classical democracy and its legacy of individual freedoms. Since the advent of Covid, it would be hard to deny that the “pandemic,” as it is known, resembles a near-universal experiment in massive and systematic social control. As Dr. Ben Carson remarks, the pandemic has been the "best mechanism government has had for controlling the people ever.”

Covid policies, regulations and restrictions—aka “mandates”—have only consolidated an official campaign hatching the gradual suppression of civil rights and personal privacy. Truth-tellers have been muzzled, banned, censored, demonized and lied about, always a sure sign that crucial knowledge is being obliterated from the public record. The process is falsely justified as preventing the spread of “disinformation.” Evident harms, patently caused by the vaccines, generating alarming statistics, and proliferating in nation after nation, are never candidly acknowledged. The usual mantra is that “the benefits far exceed the risks” and the standard utilitarian excuse is that the policy is intended “to ensure the common good”—a form of virtue signaling while enforcing failed measures and spurious remedies.

Everything we are undergoing now should serve to enlighten us respecting the plot being brought to bear against our comfort, security, and prosperity: new restrictions accompanying the introduction of ever-new “pandemics” and their variants; the insistence of applying problematic vaccines to the point of inoculating infants; the imposition of oppressive vaccine mandates on travel, a program now being tested in Canada under the imperial reign of Justin Trudeau; the entrenching of inflationary and ultimately recessionary fiscal policies that appear designed to cripple the economies of nations; the decoupling from biological fact to create gender confusion; the approved feminist assault on masculinity and the family unit; racial destabilization and the offensive on Western civilization under the rubric of “white supremacy”; and the attack on energy and food via moratoria on drilling and pipelines and the ban on commercial fertilizers—let them eat crickets.

It should be increasingly obvious, at any rate to any thinking person, that the public is being “softened up” to receive and accept the new official ordinance that is being prepared for it. A supine, passive and compliant population, accustomed to obedience, is the fertile field for what we might call the “great planting” and an eventual bumper crop of unprecedented controls and limitations on the practices and assumptions of ordinary existence. While farmland has been left to grow fallow, the political ground has been tilled, irrigated, and composted for an unholy harvest.

Progressivist ideology in government and media whose proponents, as Kim Holmes writes in The Closing of the Liberal Mind, are “in the business of reinventing knowledge… as an expedient political tool with which to gain and hold on to power,” comprises, as noted, the first stage of restraints and strictures upon an unsuspecting public. Covid and its plethora of prohibitive mandates constitute the second stage of implicit coercion, in effect, the testing of a manipulative strategy of public deception and oversight, of tacit regimentation for the “greater good.” The Great Reset is the third and final stage issuing in the total domination of a servile population and the inception of a New World Order eliminating the history, culture, art, rule of law and democratic Charters of free-market, individual-oriented and property-based egalitarian societies.

The Great Reset is real. It hovers over us with cumulous portentousness. It has been diligently prepared and successfully tested. The trend toward a totalitarian outcome cannot be plausibly doubted. And it must be resisted with all the legitimate means at our disposal, in the perpetual effort to alert a somnolent public, in the strengthening of electoral integrity, in depositions by our best and most courageous virologists and epidemiologists who have put their careers on the line to speak truth, in books like Vaclav Smil’s How the World Really Works, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci, Joseph Mercola’s and Ronnie Cummins’ The Truth About COVID-19, Naomi Wolf’s The Bodies of Others, César Madrigal’s The Globalist Agenda Is Real, and Michael Walsh’s edited volume Against the Great Reset, coming  October 18.

The last decade or two has served as a trial run for what is to come. Media censorship and administrative fiat culminating in the gradual suppression of long-standing freedoms and economic expectations have tenderized the public for a grim and reductive future in which they will own nothing and be miserable. The Great Reset is poised to profit from such prefatory conditioning in the laboratory of public affairs and political enactments. There is no getting around the brazen fact that we are now facing arguably the greatest menace ever to gather its forces against the liberal civilization of the West. This is not hyperbole. For the regents of deconstruction, it’s full speed ahead. The Great Reset is approaching steadily and with growing rapidity, unless we are vigilant, muster our resources, and meet the challenge with renewed vigor and conviction. Whether the effort will bear fruit remains to be decided, but there is, really, no alternative.

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in spring 2018. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in spring 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain, on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture.


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9 comments on “The Great Reset: Testing, Testing…”

  1. Thx for allowing comments, gentlepeople...
    You mean with every-man in both parties(sans freedom caucus), the media, the federal government et al.? Please do tell what you would have done different moving into DC that was slyly for/against you, sir. They fabricated a 22 month 'investigation' into telling ordinary people not to apply with the threat of bankrupting legal bills at the very least. I love you and the Pipe, Mike, but do tell as to how to navigate what Trump's life has finally exposed for all to see, including his son-in-law, apparently: As David Plouffe said "His kind must never rise again." That means me. And you, sir.
    DeSantis going to be strong enough to 'fight' this? With donors? Lizard already said she wont vote for him. Same deal as is Trump.

    Watch "It Must Be Trump" by Carl Benjamin. We, you, have been treated as a 'conquered' People with our future wealth simply given away to Ukraine, China et al.


    1. Every single person in the Trump White House knew that Jared was poison. In fact, right from the start, Javanka was referred to collectively in the West Wing as "the Democrats." He hired people like Omarosa Manigualt and Anthony Scaramucci. Everyone knew that Jim Mattis was no MAGA conservative. He allowed the NYT to torture him with Maggie Haberman because he thought he could trust her. He rolled over for Pence and the Deep State by jettisoning Mike Flynn before his first month was out. He hired Jeff Sessions as AG. You really want to go through that again?

  2. Read "Three Felonies a Day" by Harvey Silverglate; there are millions of pages of statutes they can already apply.

    I know Mr. Kahane(Walsh) et al. want someone other than Trump like DeSantis, but it must be Trump as he will actually slay this dragon like he was doing disrupting trillions of the globalist beast. DeSantis has already shown his establishment creds in previous campaigns; Club for Growth donated moola in favor of TPP to Ronny. I love Ronny, but until he sheds donor influence, well...

    1. If he actually would, or could, that would be great. But his first term showed neither the inclination nor the ability to do so. Why should you trust him again?

  3. In the USA, the IRS will be doubled in size. This is not just to audit more people. The government plans to tax everything...microtransactions on credit card use "to capture lost revenue in the gig economy", fossil fuels, "excess square footage" of houses. The goal is to create a world where tax avoidance is impossible. People don't really understand the danger of an all powerful, "Pantaxicon" society. Why keep people in a prison to watch, when the government can create a virtual prison from which there is no escape?

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