Standing Up to the 'Great Reset'

David Cavena20 Dec, 2020 4 Min Read
Coming to an ant farm near you.

American sits at a crossroads. The blood sweat and tears for freedom of millions of lives across thousands of years of Western Civilization sit with us. We have been at this intersection between liberty and tyranny before. We have made the right choice, our choice, in the past. What choice will we make today?

The Great Reset, based on environmental policies supported by no facts, is a paradigm to destroy us, an evil path our rulers admit will not achieve their stated goal, but will destroy our liberty– their actual goal. Cloaking the Great Reset in environmental clothing is a sop to the those unwilling to process information, unable to think critically.

The Reset is a demand that the anointed decide our future based on the nonsense that “[t]he Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making.” This “changing the traditional context” is prelude to every dictatorship, every mass State murder in history, from Torquemada to Stalin to Mao. And now, to Davos.

The “Covid19 crisis,” hasn’t by itself, caused anything. It is a disease with a survival rate of well over 99%. Virtually no viruses in the history of mankind have had a survival rate this high; most still don’t. By November 11, 2020, some 240,000 Americans had been listed as having succumbed, a tiny fraction of our population. Even the CDC notes, sotto-voce, that the actual number is only 6 percent of this, or about 14,400. By comparison, more than  480,000 Americans, per the CDC, die annually from smoking. This is not about our health.

This “Reset” is just that: Resetting a thousand years of history to the days of tyrants and serfs, a feudal, pre-middle class time in which We the People had nothing but menial labor, hunger, sickness and early death. For the anointed, it is about, "improv[ing] the state of the world." Whose world? Their world. .

It is about using a very survivable virus, propelled by a media willing for you to die for their clicks, to achieve essentially unlimited power over human liberty.

The “political, economic and social disruptions” are not “caused” by this virus. They have been and continue to be caused by nascent totalitarians destroying our lives in pursuit of their power. We can go to church ... but not sing? We can go to the store... but not buy garden seeds?

America has no political opposition to this evil, since both sides of the uniparty are in thrall to the power the “crisis” gives them. It matters not that our Bill of Rights, a document without which America would not exist and that specifically limits the power of government, has been trashed as never before ...  to keep us safe.

As for the “traditional context of decision-making?” Until the American secession from Britain in 1776, that “traditional context” was tyranny. Yes, the Magna Carta put some of that to rest, and, yes, the Great Reset would “reset” us to well before 1215: a thousand years of human progress, history, liberty… erased – sorry, “reset.”

Because of the flu? No. Because we have been taught, and far too many accept, that the reasoning (if it can be called that) behind the Great Resetters is good for us, no matter how uncritical or nonsensical. Stopping them requires we choose our leaders more wisely… and are allowed to do so.

With Mitch McConnel telling his fellow senators not to whine about an obviously-stolen election, withBill Barr and John Roberts having gone full yellow-stripe, with Republican legislatures unwilling to acknowledge – or actively preventing acknowledgement of the steal, perhaps it is time to begin to deal with the idea that the Reset is in-charge… and profoundly wrong and immoral.

Maybe a giant foot really is trying to squash us.

That we have allowed the precursors of this Great Tyranny – the corruption, crimes, unconstitutional actions and just general sleaze of our government “institutions” -- is on us. But we saw this in 2016 and turned away from the most publicly corrupt woman  ever to pretend to national office.

The swamp may be so bad that draining it will set off a full-throated rebellion. Trump may not have fully realized this. The Great Tyranny, our uniparty government, the Green Movement, business, financial and educational institutions, are trying to prevent his finding out; they want the tiger to eat him.

Draining this swamp, defeating this tiger, may mean war or secession – but it will mean public recognition of what these bipartisan, globalist elites have done to Americans, and what they still have in store.

Some will reject this as a Manichean view. The fact is that the number of items that are not black and white is infinitesimal. Everything is a zebra – it looks gray from a distance, but when you get right down to it those are black and white stripes.

People say they “care” about a situation but are unwilling to do what it takes to fix it. “Caring” is binary – black and white. Things are not gray in the real world. Either we care enough to fix the problem, or we're just wringing our hands. Fix the broken windows and crime goes down – or don’t, and it doesn’t. We protect our nation, or we don't -- and succumb to the Great Reset imposed by international oligarchs by means of a weaponized virus from China.

The choice is ours.

David Cavena is a native southern Californian exfiltrated to Arizona. An IT professional for 40 years, he has pushed cows in California, dudes and horses in Wyoming, and programmers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. An avid outdoorsman – skier, backpacker, water skier and scuba diver – David writes from Arizona.


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4 comments on “Standing Up to the 'Great Reset'”

  1. There is a "Great Reset" coming , but not from Leftist ideology, but rather from the conservative spectrum, mark my words.

  2. Once the left takes over, there is no turning back without bloodshed! I’m old and feel sorry for my grandchildren. To the left... be careful what u wish for....

  3. This Government hasn't been by the people for a long time. It has been slowly eroded away by doing laws in the public interest. People believe this statement and look where we are today. This Power the Government has over us will never be given up or surrendered willfully. We need to wake up.

  4. How do we fight back against a monster that we have allowed to become so huge and powerful. It seems a daunting task. I know we must because it's no longer a government of and by the people, it's more like organized crime.

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