Special Report: Environmentalist Credentials of Trudeau's Ministers & Staff

Tom Finnerty09 May, 2020 < 1 Min Read
Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

"Personnel is policy" goes the old saying (sometimes attributed to Reagan White House staffer Scott Faulkner), and there are few more valuable lessons for students of politics and government to learn.

In my feature last week about the Trudeau Government's reprehensible aid package for Canada's oil and gas industry, I made reference to the "borderline enviro-activists" currently serving in the prime minister's cabinet. Well, our crack team of researchers here at The Pipeline have actually been working away on a project documenting exactly how deeply embedded the environmentalist movement is in the Trudeau government, with a specific eye towards the work that government staffers have done before assuming their present positions.

Work like this might seem like extreme inside baseball, and in a sense it is. But you should not discount its importance. It is, in a word, invaluable. Knowing who is behind a politician is arguably more important than knowing the politician. Staffers are the gatekeepers; they control who their bosses are meeting, where they're going, what they're reading. They brief office holders on contentious issues, advise them on how particular votes will be interpreted in the press, and explain their decisions to the media afterwards.

Which is to say, knowing who they are and what they care about is essential, because their experience and interests directly effect policy.

That being the case, we at The Pipeline invite you to read through our new report: Environmentalist Credentials of Ministers and their Staff.

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Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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7 comments on “Special Report: Environmentalist Credentials of Trudeau's Ministers & Staff”

  1. Stop the money flow from the west to central Canada, and if that is not liked maybe they will understand what it is like to be alienated!!!!!!!⁹

  2. Before winding up in the Prime Minister's office Zoë Caron was chief of staff to the Minister of Natural Resources. She also co-authored "Global Warming for Dummies" with Elizabeth May. The first chapter is pseudoscience and the rest is a polemic about how to live a green-tinged life.

  3. Im speechless, infiltration of a government at the highest levels by special interest group supporters. Our democracy has been hijacked and we are being dictated to by the supreme ruler himself JT.

  4. I see criticism directed at CAPP for their apparent weak defence of our very valuable energy sector. I tend to think their response has been tempered somewhat by fears of further retaliation from a government that has from the onset has waged war against our energy industry. The cancellation of major pipeline projects along with passage of Bills C-48 & C-69 respectively bear witness to the animosity displayed by this environmentally stacked Liberal government. The industry has tried to “play nice in the sandbox only to have sand kicked in their faces repeatedly”. It is now time to take the gloves off! Jason Kenney needs to get off his “federalist” platform & start representing the people of Alberta in a more forceful manner. Nice words have gotten us now where other than to be the brunt of further attacks by May & Blanchett. Serious talk, including IMMEDIATE referendums on both the transfer payments & separation must be provided to let Albertans speak. We don’t need a “federalist” Premier who has I believe let Albertans down. With the current environmental Liberal cabinet we’re up against a stacked deck. ACTION NOT WORDS are needed NOW!

  5. "We the people" are the actual controls of what happens to our future ! That is why we are free to vote! That is why we are free ! That is why from time to time it is necessary to stand up and revisit what our elected officials are doing and whom they are doing it with ! No civilization has ever survived by sitting back and letting a group of elected officials form a dictatorship ! No civilization has ever survived the dream world of an elected few, led by the uncaring, pampering the do nothings into a welfare state, promising things that cannot be. Ask the mighty Roman Empire ! History has some cruel lessons that we should be paying attention to. What is going on in Canada is "criminal" and if we do not wake up and recognize the signs we are doomed!

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