'Climate Change': the 'Science' is Chutzpah

Peter Smith17 Jun, 2023 3 Min Read
Parallel universes are in play.

Extraordinary happenings in Oz. Reminiscent of Chinese Communist Party forced confessions; these Aussie confessions apparently occurred spontaneous as a result of self-reflection. Labor prime minister Anthony Albanese and his lackey "Climate Change" minister Chris Bowen individually apologized profusely for kidding Australians that on their watch electricity prices would decline by $275. State premiers Daniel Andrews and Mark McGowan and their public health running dogs issued a groveling collective apology for putting Australians through unnecessary hell to combat a mild viral infection. Hmm? Might, possibly, be making this up.

Five or six of us meet each Friday morning for coffee and to change the world. We are all on the conservative side of the fence. To give you an idea, I was castigated a good number of years back for even suggesting that there was one chance in a thousand that the climate alarmists were right. Since then, à la Cool Hand Luke, I’ve got my mind right.

Global pest No. 1.

Someone circulated a blog by Bud Bromley (“CO2 is not the cause of global warming”) published in 2019. I responded supportively: the "science" is crap and therefore everything that follows is fruit of the poisonous tree. Overlooking my inverted commas around the word science, one of our number, agricultural scientist, Professor Emeritus Ivan Kennedy, took exception.

So far as I have been able to find, there is no science which is crap; only speculative supposition based on laboratory measurements of the degree to which CO2 absorbs quanta of infrared energy at specific frequencies or wavelengths. Modelling using such speculation is not testable because it makes no quantitative predictions; simply general assertions. We need climate science that makes testable predictions. Don't criticize the science, criticize the lack of it.

Sufficient to say that our common experience bears out what Professor Kennedy said. If the so-called climate science had produced testable predictions, it would have long since been debunked. The absolute key to its longevity, its ability to keep the money coming in, is to not make testable predictions.

Of course, its disciples make speculative alarmist predictions at the drop of a hat. These fill newspaper headlines; but are soon forgotten and replaced by others. Children in the U.K. still know what snow is, twenty years and more after they were told they soon wouldn’t. Arctic ice is still around. Sea fronts haven’t been swamped. Pacific Islands are generally growing rather than sinking. Never mind, even worse things are on their way; will always be on the way. Just you wait.

To go back to my tongue-in-cheek beginning, an essential attribute of the new breed of climate scientists and their parasitical media hangers on is chutzpah. A facility to admit no wrong, feel no shame. This handy facility also finds a ready home among politicians.

The Australian Energy Regulator has pronounced that electricity prices will rise by about 25 percent from July 1. How can that be? As part of his election pitch, Anthony Albanese promised ninety-seven times that annual household electricity prices would fall by $275. Obdurately, they’ve since risen by more than $275. Now, in prospect, a further 25 percent. Too ashamed to show his face? Don’t mistake the man. His promise has now been scrubbed from the Labor Party’s website. Indeed, was it ever made? The past is alterable and erasable. Orwell warned us.

Here's a testable theory: Anyone who buys into the climate scam will most likely have been a Covid hysteric. If there’s not quite a one-to-one correspondence, it would be mighty close. On both fronts, failed predictions and mistaken alarmism fall into a black hole.

The premier of the state of Western Australia (WA) Mark McGowan has recently resigned. He leaves, as the media puts it, as a “rockstar.” He shut down WA during Covid. No one out. No one in; including, extraordinarily, residents who missed the deadline. The result, a thumping majority at the last election. No reason for him to reflect, except on using Covid hysteria to his advantage. Daniel Andrews, premier of Victoria, implemented the most egregious lockdowns in the Southern Hemisphere, replete with police brutality. He remains extremely popular.

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Information is increasingly coming to light (e.g. the independent report "Fault Lines") on the damage done in forlorn attempts to combat Covid. It is studiously ignored. Parallel universes are in play. Theirs is a delusional universe in which they’re saviors. Then there’s the truth, non-intersecting.

J. Kenneth Galbraith (The Affluent Society) wrote that only persistent and overwhelmingly contradictory facts can take down a false “conventional wisdom.” We have to rewrite the book. There are no facts powerful enough to undo a paradigm protected by the absence of testable theories, whose proponents are incapable of embarrassment, and which faces a compliant media. Lies flourish unendingly. They are the lingua franca of “climate change” and Covid. And, as we know, in such a universe of lies, nothing is out of bounds.

After a career in economics, banking and payment-systems management, Peter Smith now blogs on the topics of the day. He writes for Quadrant, Australia’s leading conservative online site and magazine. He has written Bad Economics, of which, he notes, there is much.


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