Let the Seizures Begin!

Tom Finnerty07 Feb, 2022 < 1 Min Read
Meanwhile, where's Waldo?

The Ottawa police have begun arresting Canadians providing material support to the Freedom Convoy truckers. They've been specifically targeting people delivering gasoline, diesel, propane, and food. They've also started seizing gas and diesel while truckers are in the process of refueling their trucks:


As Mark Steyn points out:

There is no basis in Canadian law for the actions these goon coppers are taking, but the attitude of their dreadful police chief is: hey, the law is whatever I say it is. So he has ordered the arrest of citizens for "mischief." By mischief, he means bringing sustenance or heat to protesters passing the night in temperatures of twenty below.

It is, of course, outrageous that the powers that be in Ottawa -- Police Chief Peter Sloly, Mayor Jim Watson, and ultimately Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- would risk the lives of protestors by taking away their heat sources during the brutally cold winter nights of Ottawa. But it's also idiotic. Their goal is for the truckers to leave -- how can they leave if they have no fuel?

This is a pretty good example of how poorly the government has managed this "insurrection" (as they're now calling a peaceful protest) from the beginning. They instituted a pointless, punitive mandate. They insulted and demeaned the truckers who objected. And then, when the truckers and their supporters descended upon the capital, they decided not to negotiate an end to what, from their perspective, is a full-on crisis (Mayor Watson declared a state of emergency this past weekend because of it), but to harass and bully the truckers while also removing their escape route.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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  1. Excellent point. If there really is a “State of Emergency “, what is source of the emergency? Would not you go to the source and talk (negotiate with them)? If you had a gunman holding a hostage, they would send someone to negotiate, but here, they seem paralyzed.

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