On the Violent Left, Eternal Recurrence

Jack Dunphy03 May, 2024 4 Min Read
A house divided cannot stand.

Have we learned nothing from the past? It’s not as though we need to explore antiquity for lessons in how to confront today’s issues. While such an exploration would no doubt be helpful, any effort in that direction is beyond – far, far beyond – the stunted intellectual capacities of our current crop of ruling elites, certainly to include our degreed betters running our so-called institutions of higher learning.

But is 2020 so shrouded in the mists of history as to be inaccessible to the people who hold themselves out as arbiters of all that is good and just? Apparently so. Consider: it was a mere four years ago that every major city in America was convulsed in the paroxysms of violence that followed the death of George Floyd. We must, said these lettered sophisticates, allow the oppressed to vent their outrage at the death of one of their own at the hands of state oppressors. To deter them in any way would only deepen their pain. And never mind that our hero of the moment had lived a life of depredation and was found to have consumed a fatal dose of fentanyl. Such trivial details need not dim the luster of the man’s memory.

A result of the ensuing anti-police hysteria, one that was easily foreseeable in nature if not necessarily in its horrifying scale, was that the number of homicides in the U.S. rose by nearly 5,000 from 2019 to 2020, and that nearly 3,400 of these added victims, 68 percent, were black. But there must be martyrs to the cause, after all, and who is to say how many of those 5,000 people wouldn’t willingly have sacrificed themselves in the name of a more just society? Eggs and omelets, right, comrades?

Still, one prays for more wisdom in those we’ve entrusted with authority. For the most part, we pray in vain. Witness the chaos this week on display on college campuses across the country, where we find that the protesters who brought so much death and disorder in 2020 have swapped their BLM T-shirts for kaffiyehs and adopted the Gazans as their Cause of the Season. Same clowns, different circus.

In the small hours of yesterday morning, police officers at last routed the motley rabble of such people who had been occupying the main quad on the campus at UCLA, arresting more than 200 of them and scattering the rest. Left behind were tons of assorted garbage and graffiti covering some of the school’s most iconic buildings.

UCLA administrators had taken a hands-off approach to the encampment for days, this despite the fact that some of the occupiers had taken it upon themselves to limit access to one of the school’s main libraries as final exams were drawing near. A request sent out days earlier to other University of California campuses for additional police officers was withdrawn, leaving the 65-man UCLA P.D. to cope with what was clearly an escalating problem.

First time tragedy, second time farce. (Wikipedia)

Late on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, counter-protesters arrived on campus, apparently compelled to action in the absence of legitimate authority. They brawled with the occupiers for hours until a sufficient number of officers from the LAPD, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, and the California Highway Patrol could be assembled and restore order.

It need not have come to this. UCLA officials didn’t even have to recall the events of 2020 for instruction. All they had to do was look at how other schools had responded to similar protests over the previous month. On April 5 at Pomona College, about 40 miles east of UCLA, pro-Hamas protesters invaded and occupied the office of the school’s president, who promptly announced that any who failed to leave the building would be arrested and suspended from school. Police from several agencies were called in and made 19 arrests. We’ve heard nary a peep from Pomona College since.

Officials at the University of Florida issued a statement welcoming peaceful expressions of dissent, but warning that the school “is not a daycare, and we do not treat protesters like children.” Last Monday, nine protesters were arrested at the school’s Gainesville campus, which has since been calm.

But UCLA Chancellor Gene Block chose the cowardly path of least resistance, allowing the placement of tents and barricades on the quad and watching idly as lowlifes from across Southern California and beyond descended on the campus and began dictating the movements of anyone not sympathetic the plight of the Palestinians.

Is a repeat of Chicago '68 coming in August?

What was it that prevented him from adopting the Florida approach? Why not announce that protesters were free to espouse all the vitriol they liked as long as they didn’t interfere with others’ pursuit of an education? Praise Hamas until you’re blue in the face, but don’t put up any tents and don’t block access to classrooms and libraries. Simple enough, it would seem, but too lacking in nuance for Mr. Block.

He has now reaped what he sowed, with a portion of his campus a shambles that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair, to say nothing of the coming bill for police overtime from the departments he had to enlist in his rescue. The UCLA endowment is about to take a hit.

And where will these itinerant bands of Hamas admirers go next? Unburdened by such mundane obligations as family or employment, they are free to roam the land and encamp anywhere the siren call summons them in the name of bringing down capitalism, ending colonialism, freeing violent criminals from confinement, or, as in the current fashion, shouting support for Mohammedan savagery. Put a few extra scoops of kibble in the bowl and Che the cat will be just fine while you’re away, and if the litter box is overflowing when you return, isn’t that a small price to pay for global justice?

I’m old enough to remember the mayhem on the streets during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, which will again host the event this coming August. The mayor of Chicago is Brandon Johnson, as dim a man as ever crossed the threshold at City Hall. I’m sure the Hamasniks, for whom the convention will be their Super Bowl, have already made their travel plans.

Jack Dunphy is the pseudonym of a police officer in Southern California. He served with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than 30 years. Now retired from the LAPD, he works for a police department in a neighboring city. Twitter: @OfficerDunphy


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6 comments on “On the Violent Left, Eternal Recurrence”

  1. There were no real counter protesters during the sixties riots. Should be interesting if the MAGA people show up at the Republican convention and decide to escort attendees through the, as you say, gantlet. Counter protesters seem to have provoked school administrators into releasing the police, if only to keep the Jew haters from being damaged.
    No matter how things turn out from what ever point of view one holds, this is going to be an incredible summer.
    Get that corn ready for popping.

  2. The bad news: commenters here are correct. The totalitarian children will do anything, driven by emotion, not reason.
    The good news: the children are but a small minority. Lacking reason, they are feckless. And they have finally aroused the ire of the great majority. Slow to anger but relentless once motivated. The power-seekers lose in November, and are done for at least a generation.

  3. Your article misses the important point that UCLA Chancellor Gene Block does not pay a penny for the crimes. UCLA endowment, but probably California taxpayers, pay the price. No skin in the game, no concern about the outcome. Look pretty for the camera, and support the prevailing ethos of the elite that put you in the job.
    Wouldn't it be great if the contract of university leaders had a clause that any damage to the university property due to riot or encampment would come from the leaders paycheck? You'd find a lot less indifference to the recent behavior.

  4. The DNC in Chicago will be a sh*tshow, with 700+ street cops and 300+ detectives and sergeants having filed for retirement before then, and others scheduling surgeries / going on medical.
    The Black community there is screaming because "their" money is being spent on the illegal invaders, who will probably be set loose on the rest of us by cutting off their money and benefits in late Summer, blaming the Rs and the Blacks.
    The RNC in Milwaukee will be much worse. The City has permitted protest gathering at a park between the main hotels and the Convention Center, so that the delegates will have to run that gauntlet twice a day, "protected" by blue city and state police.
    The MSM and Journolist have already written the stories blaming Trump, the Rs, and the individualist / populist Americans for the chaos the Prog / Ds will cause.

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