Big Brother's Heating & Cooling Service

Tom Finnerty18 Nov, 2022 2 Min Read
We've had just about enough of your individualism, comrade.

As the global energy crisis drags on, the responses to it are going to get more authoritarian. Here's an example: the government of Japan are looking into the possibility of remotely adjusting the temperature in private homes which are deemed too warm or cool. From Japan Today:

[I]n a meeting on Nov 2, the Energy Conservation Subcommittee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry resolved to begin working group discussions with the aim of gaining the ability to remotely turn down privately owned air conditioner/heater units. The goal would be to decrease energy usage during expected power shortages, which the committee feels are a growing concern as Japan attempts to shift towards renewable energy sources such as solar power, where the amount generated can be affected by day-to-day climate, making it difficult to stabilize the amount of total power available. The ministry says that AC unit usage accounts for roughly 30 percent of household electricity consumption in Japan.

Japan, as the article notes, is hot and humid in the summer and can be chilly in the winter. The idea of an "Energy Conservation Subcommittee" huddled in a government building in Tokyo somewhere deciding on the optimal temperature of every home in a country of 125 million people should make the citizenry sweat. Or give them chills, as the case may be.

Now, one might say, Japan has an entirely different culture than we do. It has long had an authoritarian streak, but there's no way that we in the West would stand for anything like this, right?

Well, the general acquiescence to Covid outrages would suggest otherwise, but remaining in the realm of climate hysteria, how about this: Switzerland is considering throwing people in jail for the crime of "excessively" heating their homes. The Toronto Sun reports:

Switzerland is considering putting anyone who heats their rooms above 19C [66.2 Fahrenheit] in jail for up to three years, according to Blick.... Fines could also be handed out for violators. Markus Sporndli, a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, told Block that the rate for fines on a daily basis could start at 30 Swiss Francs (about $40 Canadian). He added that the maximum fine could be up to 3,000 Swiss Francs (over $4,000).

Advocates of these measures have blamed the war in Ukraine -- the Swiss government has suggested that it would only go through with this plan if the war continues through the winter. But the energy crisis predated the war, though it was certainly exacerbated by it. It cannot, therefore, be blamed entirely on Vladimir Putin. It is, in large part, the result of our gullible (or malevolent) governing class who promised that, if we would just abolish fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, "renewable energy" would step in and fill the void. Now they're talking about throwing you into the void. Typical.

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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4 comments on “Big Brother's Heating & Cooling Service”

  1. Who really needs Reparations? How about the Stores and Dairies for all that good milk poured on the flood by those stupid Animal Right Advocates they should be made to pay from their pockets for their stupid acts and if they refuse double the price on them

  2. Once a very wise(azz) man said "elections have consequences"! Unfortunately, many OTHERS face the CONSEQUENCES due to these liberidiots' elections!! The NE is sitting on vast NATURAL GAS RESERVES but the libers in charge do not want to use COMMON SENSE to address their needs. Instead, other parts of the Nation who DO have functioning brains utilize their resources INTELLIGENTLY (when NOT impeded by OTHERS)! NE states don't want old "dirty" pipelines so they have been buying natural gas from RUSSIA! Think about that! They PERSECUTED OUR PRESIDENT because of Russia, Russia, Russia but then are so beholden to RUSSIAN GAS that they will face severe shortages or cause massive price robbery on other parts of Our Nation to cover their backward thinking liberalism! Let those NE States fend for themselves and DEPEND on their OTHER COMMUNIST Leaders for help!

  3. I understand the same crisis is brewing this winter for New England, with heating oil and natural gas in short supply (the latter due to self-inflicted lack of pipeline capacity), and paper-thin electric power reserve margins.

    For the second time in a row, all six New England states have chosen not to send even one Republican to the US House. Let the bastards freeze in the dark.

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