Biden's War on Home Appliances

Tom Finnerty21 Jul, 2023 < 1 Min Read
Welcome to the home of the future.

Heartland Institute vice-president Jim Lakely has a great video detailing the Biden administration's plans to regulate standard home appliances -- not just gas stoves -- out of existence. The justification is that this will make those appliances more environmentally friendly (by, for instance, banning digital clocks on microwaves...) while also saving consumers money (by their estimate, a couple of bucks per year... if you're lucky). Of course what they don't point out is that their plan will, in Lakely's words, "make appliances more expensive, but crappier!"

That is, despite costing more money -- sometimes much more -- appliances will be much less efficient, taking more time to clean your clothes or cook your food. And amazingly Team Biden apparently did almost no consultation with manufacturers to see whether these regulations were even feasible before they announced them. Instead they relied on the expertise of fascist Left-wing activists, because of course they did. After all, those are the people who are really in charge.

And away we go:

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