Are Sea Levels Rising? It's Complicated

Tom Finnerty08 Oct, 2023 < 1 Min Read
So far, so good.

The invaluable Climate Discussion Nexus has been doing a fun ongoing series looking at the sea-level rise, or lack thereof, in various locales around the globe. We already discussed their entry on Santa Barbara, but they've done several other short videos on places like India, Key West, Juneau, and (a personal favorite), Jeff Bezos's new house.

Their newest video helps tie the data in all of those videos together, with the aim of answering the question: Are sea levels really rising? And the answer is, in some places, yes; in other places, no. Just as it has been for centuries.

So please give this one a watch, and maybe pass it along to your environmentally hysterical friends, or your kids who are being obsessively propagandized on this topic at school. They deserve to know the truth:

Tom Finnerty writes from New England and Ontario.


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  1. Proving that back in the 1970's it was Global Cooling and a New Ice Age was coming the very same rags Time and Newsweek was giving it the Top Coverage in their weekly rags like they were doing with Global Warming in the 1990's

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