Diary of an Acclimatised Beauty: Hustling

Business attire—my derrière! I wasn’t even through my first morning news story when I was assaulted by the media’s growing obsession with the number of working girls who have descended upon Davos for our annual conference. The press changed from citing ‘hundreds’ yesterday to ‘hundreds and hundreds of high-class’ prostitutes today. And the story isn’t going to die anytime soon. With very few details the piece is likely written by someone who doesn’t have official press credentials or access to attendees. But the girls of course (unnamed) agreed to be interviewed and imagine themselves to be stealthily dressed in ‘business attire’. Please! All I could think of was Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny telling her boyfriend…‘Oh, yeah, you blend’.

If last year’s unofficial theme was Africa, this year it’s commerce—the old-fashioned kind. But what do you expect at an event that draws more billionaires and CEO’s than any other? Still… they were annoying. And I was never more grateful to don my high-level credentials badge and wave it around like the mark of distinction it truly is! As to status, we are divided into seven tiers—it’s quite the caste system and to give you a frame of reference, in previous years Donald Trump was listed as tier 1 (head of state), his daughter Ivanka as 7 (functional staff) and his poor excuse for a son-in-law, Jared-4 (sub ministerial).

He's got the whole world on his bum.

On top of that, there are various other hierarchical distinctions all denoted by colour and design. Inexplicably someone thought it wise to give journalists a level two badge (for access) but under closer scrutiny the lack of a hologram, (and their crepe-soled shoes) outs them as the enemy. Also everyone is aware that angry reporters are hounding the CEO of Pfizer with questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine that his company disseminated, and from which he personally made millions. Purportedly those were un-credentialed reporters who stalked him outside the secure perimeter but still, rather scary for those of us who consider Davos our safe space. 

I was just going through my calendar when the phone rang, and I tipped my coffee cup into my lap. UGH! So much to deal with on top of not having an assistant this year. The reason, of course, is all the extra rooms being taken up by the now well-documented invasion of the body snatchers. It was, of course, my father. Swapping my now coffee-stained hotel robe for the clean one hanging in the bathroom, I picked up: 

'Jennifer, have you seen the keys to my roadster.'

‘They aren’t in the car?’ I asked.

‘Clearly not’. He huffed. ‘Any thoughts whatsoever?’

‘Can you try the counter in my bathroom? The front pocket of my rucksack?’ Over the phone I could hear daddy clomping up the steps of my childhood home in St John’s Wood. I felt bad but he knows my Tesla is in California. ‘OH WAIT…I drove to Canary Wharf!’ I said, ‘Look in a small pink quilted-bag in my closet’ I said.

‘Wait…you DROVE to Canary Wharf? When the brand new Jubilee Line runs every five minutes and takes you right there in less time? Daddy asked, incredulous. '

Yeah, she blends.

Daddy, please! I’m at Davos!’ I said.

‘Of course you are’. He said. ‘How’s it going?'

‘Well not great’ I said, ‘I don’t have an assistant and I got stuck in an ecosystem discussion… I mean it said ecosystem but it was about an EU-wide healthcare ecosystem’.

‘Which will end global warming?’

‘No Daddy, it sounds like an expanded network to track vaccines and tests, but it will save money’.

‘Fascinating. Nothing like creating a massive new agency to save money’.

‘Well… it will also hold our x-rays and things’ I said, quickly wishing I hadn’t. Yes, the number of times I’d found myself in Anacapri wondering when my last cat scan was—was never. 'So, Daddy, any suggestions before you go?’

‘Yes. Maybe ship your car here if you’re never going back to California’.

UGH! He knows I don’t want to talk about that. I refused to engage and waited.

‘I have one idea…’ he said, ‘Why not be a jobs creator, a true innovator, why not find an assistant among the ranks of those leggy Russians who are likely free during the day anyway?’ 

Why is this man smiling?

This wasn’t the worst idea actually. They all had access badges. And hotel rooms! But obviously—no. ‘Anything else?’ I asked.

‘Well, given the level of clients you generally attract, why not help out that poor Albert Bourla, the press won’t let up on his worthless vaccine, it seems he’s ambushed every time he returns to his hotel. But he can very well sleep in his plane and its parked in an even more secure area. Heck he can even finish up his meetings there’.

It was genius actually. And a perfect solution to his problem. I would suggest it and more. Finally something to look forward to instead of another day of endless panels, whilst waiting for the parties to start.

I hated being grumpy but the mood was different this year… less urgency, more part of a process. And the larger media outlets were only quoting the VIP’s with whom they’d struck deals in exchange for attendance at their events. It was kind of like going to the Golden Globes, the powers that be already knew which stars and scripts they were going to fête, so from the ramp-up to the telecast, the pecking order was already decided down to the last detail. From seating placement, to who was getting Gregory Arlt to do their make-up, no one drove past the congratulatory billboards along the route to the Beverly Hilton wondering if they would go home with an award or not.

This of course wasn’t bad news for me. My clients were always the A-listers in the ecosphere. It’s why Daddy called my biggest client ‘The Green Baron’ and why there was no Greta sideshow on my watch. But the Pfizer CEO was not yet my client and this was about to change. Question was, where to find him while he was in stealth mode?

Aha! That was it. Those other stealth-savvy attendees would know. Oh hello girls! Have I got a job for you.

To Control the Feds, Unleash the States

The question “How do we get the federal government under control?” has gained added urgency as the political establishment has usurped enormous and authoritarian power via this virus and its responses to it. This is the wrong question.

We concern ourselves with lockdown-driven suicides, spouse and child abuse, drug overdoses and soon to be another year of our children not being educated. Why? Because we are asking the above question – which is unanswerable – rather than understanding that the federal government has no direct interest in the pathologies it has created. These are State issues, community issues, family issues.

Solutions – easy, proven, available solutions to the failures of the establishment regarding Covid-19 exist. These solutions follow precedents of Blue nanny states now demanding that non-Democrat voters be put under the thumb of their political establishments.

The recently-published WSJ report on ivermectin, along with other studies published by NIH and the facts on the ground, show that this FDA-approved, proven, inexpensive, widely-available drug destroys Covid19 rapidly across the entire body.

Ivermectin fights 21 viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19. A single dose reduced the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in cells by 99.8% in 24 hours and 99.98% in 48 hours…

Whatever happened to "first, do no harm"?

Contrast this with recently-published German study that a man (old and with comorbidities, but without Covid) was admitted to the hospital 18 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine, and (after the hospital took a play from Governor Cuomo’s playbook and rolled-in an infected roommate) got Covid and died on day 25 post-vaccine, and the virus – against which he had been vaccinated – had infested every organ in his body but his liver.

Postmortem molecular mapping by real-time polymerase chain reaction revealed relevant SARS-CoV-2 cycle threshold values in all organs examined (oropharynx, olfactory mucosa, trachea, lungs, heart, kidney and cerebrum) except for the liver and olfactory bulb.

Couple these two pieces of information with the recently-leaked  AstraZeneca internal study of the efficacy of its own vaccine in six countries in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, the UK, Norway, Italy). AstraZeneca (“AstraZeneca confirms that it authored the document. This information was not intended for public release”) is finding an average kill-rate of the Pfizer “vaccine” across these six countries to be 53 per million vaccinated. The AstraZeneca study also shows that AstraZeneca’s mRNA “vaccine” kills at a third of this rate.

According to the statistics submitted by the governments and related medical agencies, France registered 45.3 fatal cases per million doses for Pfizer versus 17.9 for AstraZeneca. For Germany, the numbers are 29.9 versus 6.5, respectively, for the UK — 20.7 and 24.2, Norway — 164.3 and 44.6, Austria — 47.5 and 7.5, and Italy — 10.9 and 7.3.

The average kill rate of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, according to AstraZeneca’s own study, is 53.1 per million jabbed across these countries. For AstraZeneca’s, 18 per million jabbed. As of 30 July 2021, 344 million jabs have been given in the US. If half of those were Pfizer and half were AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca’s own numbers, extrapolated to the American population would indicate 9,207 deaths from the Pfizer vaccine and 3,067 from AstraZeneca: 12,000 Americans. If one factors-in J&J, the Pfizer and AstraZeneca kill rates per million remain: the kills are fewer across a minimally-smaller jabbed population, but the point is the same: These mRNA vaccines are killing tens of thousands around the globe – randomly – and the manufacturers of them know it.

Which means the feds know it, too.

You probably be fine. Maybe.

The final piece: The federal government is considering that all federal employees must be vaccinated. Many states are issuing directives. Many colleges and universities and major corporations are directing their students and employees:  vax or you’re out.

That’s the problem. So why is asking how to control the feds the wrong question?

The fact is that the feds have no authority to mandate masks or drugs. But the states do. The states also have the authority to reject mandates the federal government is not empowered to make, as has been shown by governors DeSantis and Noem regarding lockdowns, masking, etc.

It is time to address the right question: What can states do to protect their citizens? After all, isn’t protecting our citizens and their families the priority here?

Skip all the nonsense around masks and when St. Anthony of Fauci said that the “vaccine” meets no current definition of a vaccine (it doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t provide lasting immunity, doesn’t prevent spreading), nothing is stopping individual states from buying and creating a supply of ivermectin for their citizens. Nothing.

Federalism. Try it; you’ll like it.

Governors Noem and DeSantis seem to have the cojones to keep their citizens safe. Given the global reaction to the mRNA vaccines and the political and corporate establishment’s demand that we all inject ourselves with a drug currently killing tens of thousands, creating a state supply of working, proven, FDA-approved, non-experimental drugs that KILL Covid, rather than people, well..

Rather than mandating drugs that DO NOT attack the virus but may kill you – governors providing to the citizens of their states drugs that do work to kill – and to stop – this virus – seems a logical, inexpensive, fast way forward out of this pandemic. And keeps the pathologically power-mad authoritarians in DC away from our citizens.

People wouldn’t be moving out of Blue nanny-states just for job opportunities, affordable housing, lower taxes, higher quality of life, fewer interactions with gangs, avoidance of BLM-OFA-Antifa rioting that has become a feature of Blue Metros.

They’d be moving to save their lives and those of their families.