Have We Turned the Corner on Covid Hysteria?

Lawrence Meyers18 Nov, 2021 5 Min Read
Threat level: overrated.

It’s taken 18 months, but the world slowly seems to be awakening from the hypnotic spell cast upon it regarding Covid-19.  As data becomes increasingly clarified, the most restrictive countries throw in the towel on containment, and people fight back against vaccine mandates, it’s worth examining how and why we may finally be on the road back to normalcy.

Restrictive Countries Give Up

A funny thing happened in Iceland.  Despite being an island that has restricted travel into the country, vaccinated nearly everyone, instituted a variety of restrictions, and wisely let the public health folks, and not politicians, handle the issue, the virus won. 71 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, with 84 percent of those over age 16 vaccinated, along with 99 percent of those over 70, 96 percent of those aged 60-69, 92 percent of those aged 50-59. Kids under 15 are 16 percent vaxxed. Yet 50 percent of new infections are in vaccinated individuals.

Not if Delta has anything to say about it.

Iceland's Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason says widespread vaccination has not led to herd immunity, saying, "What has happened… is that the Delta variant has taken over all other variants in Iceland. And it has come to light that vaccinated individuals can contract it relatively easily and spread infection." The same thing happened in New Zealand.  Even Taiwan, which had one of the lowest Covid counts in the world, could not stop Delta.

Countries Cop To Real Death Rate

Both the U.S. and many other countries have counted any death as being a Covid death if the deceased happened to test positive for the virus.  So while Covid may have been a factor in the death of someone with cardiac disease, but didn’t actually cause death, it is counted as a death.

The CDC quietly added a column to its data sets that separated out deaths that truly resulted only from Covid.  Italy recently did the same thing.  It turns out that 94 percent of US and 97.1 percent of Italy’s listed “Covid deaths” were all due to other co-morbidities.  The media “fact-checkers” nevertheless try to bury this.  They want to keep people afraid, because fear generates clicks.

Vaccine Mandates Get Pushback

Increasing numbers of workers, unions, and government employees are balking at vaccine mandates.  Other than the perpetually corrupt teacher’s union’s, most of the nation’s unions have either opposed or remained cool to vaccine mandates.

First responders have been particularly obstinate in their refusal.  Police in Chicago, L.A. County, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Oregon, the Oklahoma National Guard, and numerous other municipalities are refusing the jabs as well as the mandates.  Some of this is due to simple objection towards experimental vaccines being required of the workforce.  In Leftist areas, the refusal is driven by the union’s desire to make every single thing part of a collective bargaining agreement.

Just say no.

President Biden’s absurd mandate for private employers with over 100 workers has been put on hold by the Fifth Circuit Court and OSHA has backed away from trying to enforce it.  The Sixth Circuit, another conservative course, will now consolidate all the challenges into one case, but in the meantime, thousands of front-line health care workers, who were championed as heroes just months ago, are being fired for refusing the vaccines.

Parents Want Control Over Their Kids

As we discovered in the Virginia gubernatorial election, parents don’t like having control over their kids taken away.  The National Institute for Health pulled together data showing the four categories for vaccine hesitancy “are religious reasons, personal beliefs or philosophical reasons, safety concerns, and a desire for more information from healthcare providers.”

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found “Parents’ major reasons for not yet getting their children vaccinated include not enough information about the long-term effects of vaccination on children (88%), fears about side effects (79%) and fears the vaccine may impact their child’s fertility (73%).” The poll also found “20% of parents of 12- to 17-year-olds will “definitely not” get their child vaccinated, 9% will only have them get it if the school requires the vaccine and 23% plan to wait and see."

A total of 361 children have died from Covid.  The risk of infection is equivalent to every other age group, but the risk of severity is significantly lower, and risk of death is exponentially more remote.

Have a Merry Covid Christmas!

Vaccines Don’t Stop Infection 

Emerging data out of Vietnam suggests that the vaccinated may actually carry higher viral loads than those who are not, and infecting each other, thereby creating new variants in the process.

It stands to reason that vaccinated individuals are more likely to feel safe and engage in social contact, so that behavior increases in those individuals.  However, because they may contract asymptomatic Covid, they spread it to other unvaccinated individuals.  Couple that with the reducing efficacy of the vaccines over time, and it’s no wonder that faith in the jabs is waning.

What It All Means

Each of these items on their own might not be enough to cause a rebellion, but as the data filters out, resistance to restrictions on life are starting to take hold. People in states like Florida are living normal lives.  It’s only in the backward Leftist enclaves like Los Angeles and New York where one must produce papers to engage in normal activities.  Yet even there, cracks are appearing.

While L A. city now requires vaccine passports for just about any indoor activity, the  County Sheriff has announced he will not enforce the mandates.  There is no way that restaurants and bars with lower price points can or will enforce this nonsense, and many of those locations don’t care whether patrons wear masks in their six-foot-walk from door to table or not.  The question is how long it will take the upper-crust locations to decide that they will not comply.

It’s particularly notable that some school districts, many represented by the corrupt teacher’s unions, are also fighting back against student vaccine mandates.  The Calaveras School District in California refused.  Individual parents are bringing suit.

The other possible factor leading to resistance is people’s lives are now being directly affected by bad Covid policy in new ways, including inflation.  People can’t get products they take for granted because of supply chain issues, and they are costing more. “The Great Resignation” is the result of a wholesale re-examination of the meaning of life, the values we lead, and what we expect from our representatives.

These pockets of resistance are significant.  They were nearly impossible to find six months ago.  People have had enough. This may have just led to a Great Awakening: that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

The author is a veteran public policy researcher, analyst, and consultant who has worked on a variety of issues across economics, the sciences, and education.


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